Revised programmes: Opening weekend of the 2022 National Senior & National Novice Championships.

Revised programmes of boxing have been issued for the opening weekend of the 2022 National Senior Championships and 2022 National Novice Championships.

Weigh-in Times:  8.00am – 9.00am & 12.00pm – 1.00pm in the National Stadium.  Finals will be 8.00am – 9.00am

Boxers who have walk overs will not need to weigh in until the day they are boxing next. Programmes for subsequent days of boxing in both competitions will be available next week

As of the 1st of September 2022 all boxers with the exception of Elites must wear headgear in the corresponding colours of their corner, in all competitions.

Friday, October 7th. Boxing begins at 7pm.


  1. 67kg  William Heazle (Tramore) V  David O’Neill (Charleville)
  2. 67kg  Cian Cramer (Cabra)  W/O
  1. 67kg  BYE/BYE
  2. 67kg  Cian Reddy (Portlaoise) V Cathal Jennings (Holy Family GG)
  1. 71kg  Peter Weatherall (St Pauls A) V James Uzell (Drimnagh)
  2. 71kg  Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh)  W/O
  1. 71kg  Darragh Gilroy (Fr Flanagans)  W/O
  2. 71kg  Daniel Henrickson (St Margarets) V Shane McClory (Holy Family GG)
  1. 75kg  Taylor Guiney (Westside) V Gavin Rafferty (Docklands)
  2. 75kg  Christopher Mulligan (Clann Naofa)  W/O
  3. 75kg  Ramond Maughan (Cavan) V  Rokas Baltrukonis (Clane


  1. 71kg  Kenneth O’Connor (Sliabh Luachra) V Niall Sheerin (Celtic Eagles)
  2. 71kg  Sean Jaques (St Saviours OBA) V Sean O’Reilly (Ballyshannon)
  1. 75kg  Mark Boyce (Mullingar Elite) V  Andzej Racaujov (Angels)
  2. 75kg  Emanuel Ozhiavuna (St Marys D) V  Darren Carroll (Dealgan)
  3. 75kg  Jack Concannon (Olympic C) V Jake Meegan (Esker)
  1. 75kg  Kristi Elesaj (Corinthians) V  Joel Andrews (Fr Flanagans)
  2. 75kg  Mikey Barry (St Saviours OBA) V  Christophen Creavin (Olympic C)
  3. 75kg  Barry Monaghan (Celtic Eagles)  W/O

Saturday, October 8th. Boxing begins at 11am.


  1. 67kg  Cahir Gormley (Illies GG) V Aoghan Byrne (Kilcullen)
  2. 67kg  Christopher McCabe (Santry)   V Tyrone Berry (Athlone)
  3. 67kg  Killian Hardy (Golden Gloves) W/O
  4. 67kg  Cahan Hallinan (Olympic C) V Cormac Donoghue (St Michaels Athy)
  5. 67kg  Antoine Og O’Mainin (Connemara)  W/O
  6. 67kg  Karl O’Connor (Edenmore)  V Ryan McCarthy (Fr Horgans)
  7. 67kg  Winner  V Cian Cramer (Cabra)
  8. 67kg  Winner  NO. 4 W/O     
  9. 71kg  Dylan Murphy (Portlaoise) V Jack Prenderville (St Saviours OBA)
  10. 71kg  Liam Butler (Paulstown) V Ryan Kirwan (Sacre Coeur)
  11. 71kg  Darren Shanahan (Muskerry)  W/O
  12. 71kg  Patrick Doherty (Fr Horgans)  W/O
  13. 71kg  Hughie Doyle (Templemore)  W/O
  14. 71kg  Shane O’Neill (Esker) V Eric van Borowiec (St Michaels NR)
  15. 71kg  Winner V Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh)
  16. 71kg  Darragh Gilroy (Fr Flanagans) V Winner
  17. 75kg  Conor Tighe (Ballinacarrow)  W/O
  18. 75kg  Lex Weston (Emerald A) V  Ryan Cleary (Cookstown)
  19. 75kg  Darragh Hayes (Drimnagh)  W/O
  20. 75kg  Eoghan Lavin (Ballyhaunis) V Christopher O’Reilly (Holy Family L)
  21. 75kg  BYE – BYE
  22. 75kg  Kristi Elazaj (Corinthians) V Cullen McDonagh (Celtic Eagles)
  23. 75kg  Philip Hickey (Paulstown) V  Winner
  24. 75kg  Christopher Mulligan (Clann Naofa) V Winner
  25. 80kg  Brian Elliott (Illies GG)  W/O
  26. 80kg  James Whelan (Docklands) V  Lorenzo Mihai (Crumlin)
  27. 80kg  Fernandez Badejo (Maynooth) V Jack Lawlor (Templemore)
  28. 80kg  David Kennedy (Gorey) V Jamie O’Brien (Golden Gloves)
  29. 80kg  Roman David (Santry)  W/O
  30. 80kg  Taylor (Trojan)  W/O
  31. 80kg  Kevin Osifio (Neilstown)  W/O
  32. 80kg  Luke Walsh (Raging Bull)  W/O


  1. 75kg  Denis Brophy (The Hub)  W/O
  2. 75kg  Daniel Magliozzi (Golden Cobra) V Alex McCormack (Cabra)
  3. 75kg  Sean Murray (Navan)  W/O
  4. 75kg  Andrew Maloney (Golden Cobra) V Farai Shayna (Celtic Eagles)
  5. 75kg  Kelvin Greaney (Golden Gloves)  W/O
  6. 75kg  Winner V Winner
  7. 75kg  Winner V Winner
  8. 75kg  Winner V Winner

Sunday, October 9th. Boxing begins at 2.30pm.


  1. 57kg  Donagh Keary (Rathfirland) V Viali Florea (Monkstown D)
  2. 57kg  Tiernan Glennon (St Josephs U)  W/O
  1. 60kg  Adam Sinnott (Rathnew) V Adam Kiely (Saviours Crystal)
  2. 60kg  Killian Geraghty (Greenhills) V Joe O’Brien (Togher)
  3. 60kg  Dean Buckley (St Carthages) V Sean Roche (Drimnagh)
  4. 60kg  DJ Murphy (Paulstown) V Rhys Owens (Erne)
  5. 60kg  Lateef Bayo Alabi (Westside) V Rory Lavery (Holy Family GG)
  1. 63.5kg Anthony Malanaphy (Erne) V  Michael Faulkner (Fr Horgans)
  2. 63.5kg Jonathan Casey (St Josephs U)  W/O
  3. 63.5kg BYE – BYE
  4. 63.5kg Dane Finn (St Nicholas) W/O
  5. 63.5kg Darren O’Connor (Loughrea) W/O
  6. 63.5kg Aaron O’Donoghue (Golden Gloves) W/O
  7. 63.5kg Cody O’Reilly (Portlaoise) V Craig Moran (Neilstown)
  1. 86kg  Kyle Roche (St Michaels NR) W/O
  2. 86kg  Brian Mowlds (Drimnagh)  W/O
  3. 86kg  Paul Mahon (Ballinacarrow) V Joe Hutchinson (Neilstown)
  4. 86kg  Marcin Lis (Raging Bull) V Dmytro Olynyk (Smithfield)
  5. 86kg  Cathal Crowley (Spartan M) V Eli Samba (Four Kings)


  1. 85kg  Favor Ezobi (Dealgan)  V Dylan Butler (Cabra)
  2. 85kg  Destiny Odendengbe (Rudiarius)  W/O
  1. 91+kg Daniel Byrne (Ballyshannon)  W/O
  2. 91+kg Spencer Gadbury (Trojan) V Johnny O’Toole (Celtic Eagles)
  3. 91+kg Niall Connolly (Esker) V Isreali Akinyaye (DCU)
  4. 91+kg Adetunji Ifaturoti (Santry) V Mark Gaffney (Edenmore)
  5. 91+kg Ross Callery (Angels)  V Willie McCartan (Gilford)

Anti-Doping may be carried out at any stage of the championships and all boxers must advise the doctor of any medication they are taking or have taken in the preceding 4 weeks. It is imperative that all boxers adhere to the Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations. For any queries regarding this matter, boxers/coaches should contact Mr Larry Morrison, IABA Anti-Doping Officer on 086-0292476.

Non-Pregnancy Declaration Forms Female boxers and their parent/guardian must sign the non-pregnancy declaration form in their record book prior to entry.

Attire: Boxers shall have one red and one blue vest. Boxers must not wear long sleeved shirts under their vests. Head guards are put on prior to entering the ring. Hair must be tied back and cloth swimming hats or hairnets should be worn under the headgear for boxers with long hair. No red, orange or pink gum shields are allowed. Males must present themselves clean shaven.

Coaches: They must wear full track suits and runners at all sessions in the corner and endeavour to set a high standard of hygiene in the corners. No shorts, caps or hats are permitted.

Sportsmanship: All decisions must be accepted in a sporting manner. Any complaints must be addressed to the Chief Official, Mr Phillip Rooney. Please show respect to all Ringside Officials.

Waiver: It is a condition of entry that all boxers and their clubs have signed and submitted the Members Acknowledgement Form.

Conduct: Please be advised that clubs will be held responsible for the conduct of their supporters throughout these championships.

Please note that, under AIBA rules, boxers who are engaged in ‘Other Physical Contact Sports’ are not eligible to compete. For more information, please visit