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The finalists at the National Senior Cadet Championships are advised to bring two passport photographs and an up to date passport with them for Friday’s finals at Dublin’s National Stadium.

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association are using the Championships as part of their selection process for next month’s European Junior Championships (June 15/24) in Keszthely, Hungary.

The Senior Cadet quarter-finals and semi-finals were decided at the famed Drimnagh BC in Dublin last weekend.

The Rebel County is guaranteed at least one title on Friday as Leeside aces Owen McDonagh and Callum Walsh meet in an all Cork derby at 50kg.

Boxing begins at 7pm. Please scroll down for results and draw.

Note: Friday’s weigh ins – 8am to 9am and 12pm to 1pm at the National Stadium.


National Senior Cadet Championships 2016


May 20th (Drimnagh BC, Dublin)


46kg Dean Clancy (Ballinacarrow) beat  Jamie Griffin (Fr Horgans) 3-0
46kg Killian Geraghty (Esker) beat Colin Maguire (Castleblaney) 3-0
48kg David Oliver Joyce (Ballymun) beat Declan McDonagh (Ballyhaunis) 3-0
50kg Cian Reddy (Portlaoise) beat Paul Loonam ( St Carthages) 3-0
50kg Bill Stokes (Neilstown) beat Michael Myers (Crumlin) 2-1
52kg Martin McDonagh (Glen) beat Kian Bittles (Holy Trinity) 3-0
57kg David McDonagh (Sparticus) beat Mike Joyce (Phibsboro) 2-1
75kg Adam Dempsey (Achill) beat Calium Glynn (Cherry Orchard) 3-0

May 21st (Drimnagh BC, Dublin)

S/Finals (11am)

46kg Terry Donohue (St Michaels Athy) beat Dean Clancy (Ballinacarrow) 3-0
46kg Killian Geraghty (Esker) beat Dean Clancy (Ballinacarrow) 3-0
48kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels Athy) beat Jack McGivern (St Georges) 3-0
50kg Owen McDonagh (Leeside Lough) beat Cian Reddy (Portlaoise) 3-0
50kg Callum Walsh (Riverstown) beat Bill Stokes (Neilstown) 2-1
52kg Martin McDonagh (Glen) beat John Donoghue (Portloaise) 3-0
52kg Davy Joyce (Johnstown) beat Mikey Stokes (Athlone) 2-1
57kg Seamus Mongan (Bay City) beat David McDonagh (Sparticus) 3-0
57kg Edward Donvoan (OLOL) beat Cathal Myers (Sligo City) 3-0
60kg Michael Delaney (Olympic) W/O
60kg Nathan Mongan (Cavan) beat Nathan Jacob (Crumlin) 2-1
63kg Sean Dempsey (Sacre Coeur) beat Sean Donaghy (St Canices) 3-0
66kg Jack Conroy (Mullingar Elite) beat Patrick Dunne (Riverstown) 3-0
66kg James Power (Fr Horgans) beat Dean Brophy (Portlaoise) 2-1
70kg Paddy McKenzie (Arklow) beat Brandon Stokes (Avona) 3-0
75kg Adam Dempsey (Achill) beat Pierre Stokes (Athlone) 2-1
42kg Sean Mari (Monkstown D) beat Nathan Horrigan (Cherry Orchard) 3-0
75kg Owen McDonagh (St Annes) beat Alan Brennan (Charlestown) 3-0
80kg Michael Walsh (Holy Family D) beat Brendan McParland (St John Bosco Newry) 3-0
48kg David Oliver Joyce (Ballymun) beat Dylan Doyle (Monkstown D) 2-1
80+kg Thomas Gavin (Edenmore) beat  Charles Kavanagh (Glin) TKO2
80+kg Zenja Jelisejenkovs (Castlebar) beat Edward McDonagh (Lumpini) 2-1

May 27th (National Stadium Dublin)

Finals (7pm)

39kg Adam Hession (Monivea) V Joe McHale (St Aidans) Exhibition
42kg Cian Doyle (Crumlin) V Sean Mari (Monkstown D)
44kg Martin McDonagh (Ballina) V Jamie Connors (Muskerry)
46kg Terry Donohue (St Michaels Athy) V Killian Geraghty (Esker)
48kg Brandon McCarthy (St Michaels Athy) V David Oliver Joyce (Ballymun)
50kg Owen McDonagh (Leeside Lough) V Callum Walsh (Riverstown)
52kg Martin McDonagh (Glen)  V Davy Joyce (Johnstown)
54kg Barry McReynolds (Holy Trinity) V Francie Stokes (Cavan)
57kg Seamus Mongan (Bay City) V Edward Donovan (OLOL)
60kg Michael Delaney (Olympic) V Nathan Mongan (Cavan)
63kg Pierce O’Leary (Dublin Docklands) V Sean Dempsey (Sacre Coeur)
66kg Jack Conroy (Mullingar Elite) V James Power (Fr Horgans)
70kg Kane Tuker (Holy Trinity) V Paddy McKenzie (Arklow)
75kg Adam Dempsey (Achill) V Owen McDonagh (St Annes)
80kg Michael McDonald (Darndale) V Michael Walsh (Holy Family D)
80+kg Thomas Gavin (Edenmore) V Zenja Jelisejenkovs (Castlebar)