Sport Ireland Club Consultation – Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion in Sport and Physical Activity

Sport Ireland is currently developing guidance and supports for the sport sector in the area of transgender and non-binary inclusion in sport and physical activity. Consultation is a key element of this process, in order to gain an understanding of the views, needs and insights of a range of stakeholders. 

To that end, Sport Ireland would like to invite your club to take part in a short survey on the subject. All information will be kept securely and only be used for the purpose of this project. All survey responses will be treated confidentially and analysed by the independent contractor (Carbmill Consulting).

If you are interested in taking part, please complete the table below and send it to by close of business on Friday 28th April. None of the information collected at this time will be used as part of the survey and will not be linked to analysis of the survey results. The information below is simply to verify your consent to receive the survey from Carbmill Consulting.

This survey process will be limited to one submission per club.

Club name 
Club email address 
Do you consent to being contacted by Carbmill Consulting as part of the survey process? (Yes/No) 

Once this information is received, Carbmill Consulting will issue a link to the survey for completion by your club.