The class of 2019 improved Ireland’s all-time European Schoolboy/girl Championships haul to 119 medals in Tbilisi, Georgia over the weekend.

The squad arrived home via Dublin Airport this morning to a very well-attended reception.

The medal count now stands at 19 gold, 31 silver and 69 bronze since the inaugural tournament in Rome in 2003.

Some of the stand out names of Irish boxing, including Beijing 2008 and Rio 2016 Olympians John Joe Joyce, David Oliver Joyce and Joe Ward, have medalled at this level.

Former WBA/IBF champion Carl Frampton reached the 50kg final in Rome 16 years ago.

Female boxing was introduced last year and so far the Girls in Green have secured 20 medals, four of which are gold.

Ireland’s European Schoolboy/girls champions are David Joyce (2003), Willie O’Reilly (2004), Stephen O’Reilly (2004), Michael O’Reilly (2007), Michael McDonagh (2007), John Joyce (2012), Oliver McCarthy (2012), James McGivern (2012), Michael Nevin (2012), Aaron McKenna (2013), Jordan Myers (2013), William Hayden (2016) Jason Myers (2016), Yasmin Meredith (2018), Kaci Crowley (2018) Winne McDonagh (2018), Michael Faulkner (2018), Caoimhe Kinsella (2019) and Adam Olaniyan (2019).

The 2019 squad claimed the most medals but the 2018 team took home the most gold.

Before the tournament doubled up as a male and female competition, the 2012 squad were the best performing side with three gold medals.

Meantime, John Joyce (2010/11), Barry McReynolds (2013/14) and Katie O’Keeffe (2018/19) are Ireland’s two-time European Schoolboy/girl medallists, while Irish boxing has never failed to  medal at this level.





(Schoolgirls made their debut in 2018)

2003 Rome

70kg David Joyce Gold
50kg Carl Frampton Silver
52kg John Joe Joyce Bronze
54kg David Oliver Joyce Bronze
57kg John McDonagh Bronze
66kg Keith Boyle Bronze

2004 Hungary

40kg Willie O’Reilly Gold
68kg Stephen O’Reilly Gold
65kg Darren Cruise Silver
38.5kg Ryan Brady Bronze
52kg Paul Broadhurst Bronze

2005 Russia

52kg Darragh Power Silver
48kg David Joe Joyce Bronze
56kg David Joyce Bronze
59kg Bernard Roe Bronze
68kg Tommy McCarthy Bronze

2006 Ukraine

43kg Anthony Upton Bronze
54kg Tommy Kiely Bronze
56kg Fergal McRory Bronze

2007 England

44.5kg Michael O’Reilly Gold
48kg Michael McDonagh Gold
56kg Joe Ward Silver
40kg George Bates Bronze
52kg Chris Mullaly Bronze
50kg Christy Joyce Bronze
62kg Ray Ginley Bronze
68kg Dan O’Brien Bronze

2008 Serbia

54kg Dylan Carr Bronze

2009 Russia

56kg Victor Medvediuc Bronze
59kg Gerard Whitehouse Bronze

201o Bulgaria

41.5kg John Joyce Bronze
50kg Wayne Kelly Bronze
72kg Michael Gallagher Bronze

2011 Russia

48kg John Joyce Gold
44.5kg James Cleary Silver
76kg Matthew Burke Silver
52kg Tiernan Bradley Bronze
54kg Craig Bonney Bronze
49kg Lewis Crocker Bronze
65kg Sean Conroy Bronze
68kg Keelan Sexton Bronze

2012 Russia

46kg Oliver McCarthy Gold
48kg James McGivern Gold
52kg Michael Nevin Gold
50kg John Sweeney Silver
40kg Francie Stokes Bronze
56kg Kieran Molloy Bronze
59kg Brett McGinty Bronze
65kg Darragh Murray Bronze
72kg Nevan Fannon Bronze
76+kg James Clarke Bronze

2013 Dublin (City West Hotel)

46kg Aaron McKenna Gold
59kg Jordan Myres Gold
40kg Barry McReynolds Silver
43kg Sean Whelan Silver
54kg Paul Ryan Silver
48kg Jamie Harty Silver
50kg Jason Harty Silver
41.5kg Tiernan Bradley Bronze
65kg Leon Gallagher Bronze
68kg Jordan Joyce Bronze

2014 Hungary

41.5kg Brandon O’Brien Silver
46kg Barry McReynolds Silver
40kg Luke Hurley Bronze
48kg Michael Delaney Bronze
63kg Kane Tucker Bronze
76kg Michael Walsh Bronze
76+kg Tom Gavin Bronze

2015 Russia

40kg Steve Cairns Silver
43kg Brandon McCarthy Silver
65kg Ethan McGuckin Silver
76kg Michael McDonald Silver
68kg Francis Quinn Bronze

2016 Croatia

65kg William Hayden Gold
68kg Jason Myers Gold
48kg Cian Lewis Bronze
54kg Francis Maughan Bronze
56kg Patrick Collins Bronze
59kg Jason Irwin Bronze

2017 Romania

46kg Patrick Sweeney Silver
50kg Patrick Donovan Silver
59kg Eoghan Lavin Silver
40kg Brooklyn Saunders Bronze
41.5kg Jake Charkes Bronze
44.5kg Cahir Gormley Bronze
52kg Cain Lewis Bronze
56kg John Ward Bronze

2018 Bulgaria


54kg Yasmin Meredith Gold
57kg Kaci Crowley Gold
63kg Winnie McDonagh Gold
67kg Dearbhla Tinnelly Silver
70kg Nasya McJin-Igelige Silver
36kg Katie O’Keeffe Bronze
42kg Nora Jackman Bronze
45kg Robyn Kelly Bronze
48kg Robyn Murran Bronze


40kg Michael Faulkner Gold
50kg James Donovan Silver
76kg Curtis Darcy Silver
54kg John Fay Bronze
72kg Tyler Meade Bronze

2019 Georgia


38kg Caoimhe Kinsella Gold
42kg Katie O’Keeffe Silver
44kg Esther Lambe Silver
51kg Georgia McGovern Silver
64kg Ava Rose Lyndon Silver
36kg Carlagh Mullarney Bronze
40kg Shakira McCrudden Bronze
46kg Carleigh Irving Bronze
48kg Nora Jackman Bronze
57kg Alicia King Bronze
60kg Gabrielle Mongan Bronze


90kg Adam Olaniyan Gold
41.5kg Sean Tyndall Silver
62kg Micheal McCarthy Silver
40kg Roy Colgan Bronze
56kg Laurence Connors Bronze
68kg Thomas Ward Bronze
76kg Caolan Devlin Bronze