Terry McEntee

Terry McEntee

Team Ireland had a light training session in Anapa, Russia this afternoon ahead of Monday’s semi-finals at the European Youth Championships at the Black Sea port.

Monaghan’s Terry McEntee and Cork’s Oliver McCarthy are through to the last-four in the flyweight and lightweight classes.

Both boxers are guaranteed to be bringing home at least bronze.

McCarthy, who claimed European Schoolboy gold in Anapa in 2012, boxes out of the Brian Dillon’s BC in the Rebel County.

Oliver McCarthy (red) and Paddy Donovan

Oliver McCarthy (red) and Paddy Donovan

The club is a former Alma mater of ex Man United and Ireland captain Roy Keane, the current Republic of Ireland assistant manager. According to some reports, Keane won three bouts with Brian Dillon’s and retired “undefeated” to pursue a career in football.

Ireland team manager Stephen Connolly reports that McEntee, who boxes out of the Old School BC, and McCarthy are in top form ahead of their last-four showdowns with Russia’s Nikita Diskunov and Azerbaijan’s Sarhan Aliev.

“The squad had a light training session today to keep their weight under control. Terry and Oliver recorded very impressive wins in their quarter-finals and are looking forward to Monday’s bouts,” he said.

The remain quarter-finals are being decided today in Anapa. Sunday is a rest day. The finals are slated for Tuesday.


European Youth Championships Anapa, Russia

(Last 16 unless stated)

June 7th
52kg Terry McEntee (Ireland) beat Mykola Lytvyschenko (Ukraine) 3-0
56kg James McGivern (Ireland) lost to Vladimir Strygin (Russia) 1-2 (last 32)
60kg Oliver McCarthy (Ireland) beat Konrad Bialas (Poland) 3-0 (last 32)

June 8th
60kg Oliver McCarthy (Ireland) beat Narek Ogannesyan (Armenia) 3-0
64kg Jason Harty (Ireland) beat Patryk Urbanski (Poland) 3-0 (last 32)
75kg Reece Moran (Ireland) lost to Stepane Mkhitarian (Georgia) 0-3
91kg+ Martin John Mongan (Ireland) beat Alexandr Borison (Moldova) 3-0

June 9th
64kg Jason Harty (Ireland) lost to Iskekhan Madiev (Georgia) 0-3
69kg Brett McGinty (Ireland) beat Laszio Kozak (Hungary) 3-0
81kg Brian Kennedy (Ireland) lost to Sammy Lee (Wales) 0-3
91kg Martin Jim Mongan (Ireland) lost to Dzmitru Sinkin (Belarus) TKO1

June 10th
52kg Terry McEntee (Ireland) beat Istvan Szaka (Hungary) 3-0
60kg Oliver McCarthy (Ireland) beat Asseme Nauali (Finland) 3-0
69kg Brett McGinty (Ireland) lost to Gurgen Madayan (Armenia) 0-3
91kg+ Martin John Mongan (Ireland) lost to Vladislav Muravin (Russia) 0-3

June 13th
52kg Terry McEntee (Ireland) v Nikita Diskunov (Russia)
60kg Oliver McCarthy (Ireland) v Sarhan Aliev (Azerbaijan)

Irish squad

52kg Terry McEntee (Old School) (Bronze, at least)
56kg James McGivern (St Georges)
60kg Oliver McCarthy (Brian Dillon’s) (Bronze, at least)
64kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale)
69kg Brett McGinty (Oakleaf)
75kg Reece Moran (St Pauls Waterford)
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys)
91kg Martin Jim Mongan (Ennis)
91kg+ Martin John Mongan (Ennis)

Team Manger: Stephen Connolly
Coaches: Billy McClean, Dmitry Dimitruk
R&J: Ben McGarrigle