Team Ireland will not contest the IBA World Championships.

Irish Athletic Boxing Association athletes will not take part in the IBA Women’s World Championships in India in March, or the IBA Men’s World Championships in Uzbekistan in May. IABA referees and judges will not officiate at either tournament.

The decision was taken on Thursday night, following a joint meeting of the IABA’s Board of Directors, Central Council and Unit representatives.

The IABA urges the IBA to engage in governance reform and implement the recommendations of its own experts on fiscal responsibility, fair play, and inclusion. IBA practices and activities are not of the standard required to secure our sport’s future. There are no winners in the current landscape. All members deserve a level playing field in tournaments run to the highest possible standard by an organization which has their welfare, their futures, and their sport at its heart.

The IABA and its athletes are focused on preparations for the European Games in June, and winning qualification to Paris 2024. That preparation will include training camps, sparring camps and tournaments with sister federations. The IABA will continue to create opportunities for training, development, and competition for its boxers, nationally and internationally, across all age groups.