TG4 are bringing a six part series about life in different clubs throughout the Gaeltacht to our homes. Sports Clubs are the cornerstone of parishes all over Ireland fostering a sense of community and togetherness.The series will tell the stories of four very different sports clubs as they compete, battle for honours, and tried to survive the unpredictable 2020 season.Connemara Boxing Club are featured in the series.The series will also follow a soccer club in Donegal, a handball club in Galway and a rugby club in Kerry.Viewers can catch up with episode 2, which airs tonight at 8pm on TG4 (and 8pm each subsequent Thursday night).Tonight’s episode features how Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara (Connemara Boxing Club) dealt with the death of the great Colman Ó Flatharta.

Here is some information on the series

In the first episode the season kicks off for Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara (Connemara Boxing Club) as they hope to build on the successes of recent seasons. 

Leading the club into the new year is founder and chairman Colman Ó Flatharta.

In the 2nd episode Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara (Connemara Boxing Club) suffered a terrible loss with the death of their founder and leader Colman Ó Flatharta.

In the 3rd episode the members of Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara compete in the Connacht Finals with the loss of their club chairman very much in their minds.

In the 4th episode are some fierce bouts in the Connacht Boxing Finals as the Connemara boxers fight for both personal and family pride.

In the 5th episode coronavirus cases are rising all around the country and the government takes unprecedented steps to protect our communities. 

This has huge implications for sports clubs all over Ireland including Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara. (Connemara Boxing Club).

In the final episode of the series we see the coronavirus restrictions gradually lift during the Summer for various sporting organisations.

However, things are more complicated for  boxing and Cumann Dornálaíochta Chonamara (Connemara Boxing Club) as Covid restrictions continue to mean competitive training and fights are still on hold.