Two new Directors elected to IABA Board of Directors

The IABA’s 2022 AGM has taken place, and two non-executive Directors have been elected to IABA’s Board of Directors, following a ballot of members. They are: Fiona Hennigan and Darren O’Neill. 2 seats on the board were available and 3 candidates contested the election.

Number of Votes
Hennigan, Fiona81Elected
O’Neill, Darren81Elected
Reilly, Geraldine60Not Elected
Total ballots issued372
Ballots returned119
Total valid poll116
Spoiled votes3

The Board of Directors now includes:

  • Thomas Geraghty (Interim Chair) 
  • Neil Gough
  • Charles Toland
  • Ted Barry
  • Fiona Hennigan
  • Darren O’Neill.

Fiona has become the second ever IABA female member of the Board of Directors, after former Leinster President Bernie Harold in the mid 2010s. Her election means female representation on the Board stands at 16.6%.

Interim Chair, Tom Geraghty, outined in his address to the AGM, affirmed that the recruitment of an independent Chair, for a 3-year term, is underway and is being managed by Boardmatch. More information is available here and is also available here. Boardmatch is conducting this process in accordance with the Rules and under the stewardship of the Nomination and HR Committee.

The interim Chair also outlined his appointment and the provisions which underpin that appointment: After the resignation of the previous Chair on September second, an election was held between the continuing Directors to appoint an interim-Chairperson, and that the interim-Chairperson should be formally recognised. Continuing Directors fixed a quorum as 3 Directors, under exceptional circumstances – this is to allow the convening of the AGM as envisaged under the Constitution. This was done in accordance with Article 52 of the Constitution – for the express purpose, as allowed under Article 53, where it is intended that two additional Board members will be elected and appointed at the AGM.

Auditor’s report:

The report, for the financial year ended December 31st, 2021 is attached and is available in the AGM series of articles, published here. Clubs are invited to submit any questions they may have on the audit/auditor’s report to before 5pm on December 14th.

Re-appointment of Auditors:

Nexus Accounting was duly re-appointed as IABA’s auditors following a motion proposed by Anita McGovern of Setanta Boxing Club and seconded by Darren McGavin of Moyle Park Boxing Club.

The 2022 IABA National Safeguarding report.

Auditor’s Report, for the year ended December 31st, 2022