Please scroll down for today’s finals results from the National U/22 Championships at Dublin’s National Stadium


The tournament was being run in conjunction with the U/18 Open. Both competitions have now concluded.


The IABA ran the U/22 Championships to help with their selection process for March’s European Men’s Championships in Romania.




National U/22 Championships National Stadium Dublin

Saturday, January 27th

Finals (1pm)

48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Annes) beat Emma Feeney (Virginia) 5-0
51kg Niamh Early (Ryston) beat Nycole Hayes (Togher) 5-0
52kg Conor Quinn (Clonard) beat Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) 4-1
54kg Kellie McLoughlin (Drimnagh) W/O
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) beat Jordan Smith (Holy Family Drogheda) 5-0
57kg Shauna Blaney (Navan) beat Labhaoise Clarke (Cardonagh) 3-2
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Dealgan) beat Nicole Moorehouse (Crumlin) 5-0
60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Francis Cleary (Ballina) 3-2
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dublin) beat Matthew McCole (Dungloe) 3-2
69kg Ciara Ginty (Geesala) beat Ciara Sheedy (Ardnaree) 3-2
69kg Patrick Donovan (O.L.O.L.) beat Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) 5-0
75kg Aoife O’Rourke (Castlerea) beat Samantha O’Grady (St Marys NR) RSC2
81kg Conor Wallace (Holy Family Drog) beat Brian Kennedy ( St Marys Daingean) 5-0
81+kg Nell Fox (Rathkeale) W/O
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat James Clarke (Kilnamanagh) 5-0
91+kg Martin J Mongans (Ennis) beat Jake Patterson (Crumlin) 4-1

January 26th

Semi-Final & Final


57kg Shauna Blaney (Navan) beat Mary Kate Slattery (St. Michaels Dub) 5-0


75kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic Galway) beat Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family D) 5-0

Saturday January 20th


48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Annes) beat Courtney Daly (Crumlin) 4-1
51kg Niamh Early (Ryston) beat Chloe O’Keeffe (Kanturk) 5-0
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Delagan) beat Bella Hughes (Mount Tallant) 5-0
69kg Paddy Donovan (OLOL) beat Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) 5-0
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) beat Bryan McNamee (Convoy) 5-0
81kg Conor Wallace (Holy Family D) beat Jason Clancy (Ballinacarrow) 5-0
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean) beat Thomas Maughan (Virginia) 4-1
91kg Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) beat Peter Nosic (Brian Dillons) 3-2
91+kg Martin J Mongans (Ennis) beat Cian O’Shaughnessy (Rathkeale) 3-2
91+kg Jake Patterson (Crumlin) beat Cormac Long (Rathkeale) RSC1

Friday January 19th

Q/finals and S/Finals

52kg Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) beat Conor Jordan (St Aidans) 5-0
56kg Jordan Smith (Holy Family) beat Colum Colleton (Crumlin) 5-0
56kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) W/0
60kg Francis Cleary (Ballina) beat Terry McEntee (Old School) 3-2
60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Shane Flavin (Paulstown) 3-2
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Aaron Daly (Castlebar) 3-2
64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown Dub) beat Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) 5-0
69kg Senan Dwyer (Kilnamanagh) beat Peter Carr (Crumlin) 4-1
69kg Patrick Donovan (O.L.O.L.) W/O
69kg Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) W/O
69kg Bryan McNamee (Convoy) beat Patrick McConigley (Letterkenny) 4-1
75kg Gabriel Dossan (Olympic) beat John Joyce (St Michael Athy) 5-0
75kg Chris O’Reilly (Holy Family D) beat Brendan Kenny (Monivea) 4-1

Saturday January 13th


60kg Francis Cleary (Ballina) beat Ben Teeling (Holy Family D) 3-2

60kg Patryk Adamus (Drimnagh) beat Daryl O’Brien (St. Catherines) RSC3

60kg Shane Flavin (Paulstown) beat Vyank Maseke (Leos L) 5-0

64kg Mathew McCole (Dungloe) beat Mosa Kambule (Holy Trinity) 5-0

64kg Aaron Daly (Castlebar) beat Martin Sammon (Olympic) 5-0

64kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown D) beat Harrison Jameson (Virginia U) 5-0

64kg Michael Kinsella (St.Anthonys/Pats) beat Ryan O’Rourke (St.Michaels D) 5-0

69kg Patrick McConigley (Letterkenny) beat Shane Dooley (Clonard L) 5-0

81kg Thomas Maughan (Virginia) beat Keanan Gibson (Convoy) 5-0

81kg Brian Kennedy (St. Marys Daingean) beat Sean Conroy (Ballinacarrow) 4-1