Please see below the results of the Re-run Ulster elections which were announced in Newry this afternoon.

Votes in brackets.

Ulster Re-run of Election for the Officers.  2017 Election Results. Election of Officers

Office of President

Elected: Kevin Duffy (71)

Not Elected: Paul McMahon (13)

Office of Vice President: Elected Unopposed: Ben McGarrigle

Office of Secretary

Elected: Charlie Toland (60)

Not Elected: Sadie Duffy (24)

Office of Treasurer: Elected unopposed: Martin Walsh

Office of Registrar: Elected unopposed: Eugene Duffy

Medical Registrar: Elected unopposed: Eamon Henry

Ulster Re-run of Election of Council Members


Eugene O’Kane (75)
Fergal McKenna (67)
James McCarron (63)
Liam Corr (60)
Jim Knox (53)
John Gallagher (32)
Aideen Floyd (27)
Ann Maria Norton (26)

Not Elected

Stephen Friel (24)
Mark Owens (21)
Ronan McMahon (21)
Paul Norton (17)