Up-Dated Covid 19 Guidance For Clubs

Additional Covid 19 restrictions were announced by Government on Friday, December 3rd and come in to being on Tuesday, December 7th.

Training & Sparring:

Training should take place in pods of 6 where individuals are not vaccinated or have mixed immunity status and there should be 3m between pods. Where all participants are vaccinated, no fixed capacity limits apply. Where mixed immunity exists, the coach should remain distant from all pods and have no close proximity interactions with any pod member. He/she can however oversee multiple pods once there are no interactions with any of them.  Comprehensive information on training protocols is available here

Showers and changing rooms are permissible for fully vaccinated individuals. Where mixed immunity exists, the use of these should be pod based. Inter club

Inter-club sparring can take place for all fully vaccinated individuals. Those not vaccinated must remain in their pods of 6.

All appropriate protective measures and Covid-19 protocols should remain in place to mitigate the spread of the virus. Where equipment must be shared, appropriate sanitisation measures must remain in place. Wearing of masks should remain a priority especially for those not directly involved in the training or competition setting. Ventilation must also remain a priority as it’s a core component of the Covid-19 response. Doors and/or windows should be opened to ensure a passive air flow which will help mitigate the risk of virus spread. Consideration of indoor space densities and duration of indoor activities should be taken into account when planning events.

Spectator Events:

From Tuesday, December 7th,  there will a maximum 50% spectator capacity at indoor sporting events. As with previous guidance spectators at these events must be fully seated. 

To attend indoor sporting activities, the use of the EU Digital COVID Certificate (vaccine or recovery certificate) will be required


For clubs preparing to travel abroad for competition, or to welcome competitors from abroad to training camps and tournaments in Ireland, please note changes in effect from Sunday, December 5th, here

IABA’s competition protocols, published in November, remain in place, and IABA return to training protocols are available here

Covid-19 Officers continue to play a vital role in ensuring that all contact tracing data is collected and all Covid-19 protocols are being followed. They will remind individuals to continue promoting good respiratory and hand hygiene.

Any boxer, coach, club official, volunteer or parent who does not feel well, or who may have Covid symptons, should not attend any club or competition event. Additional HSE guidance is available here