*UPCOMING Sport Ireland WEBINAR* – Coaching the Female Athlete

Coaching the Female Athlete – How to get the best out of your athletes?

Sport Ireland Coaching is delighted to bring you their first ‘Coaching the Female Athlete’ webinar as part of European Week of Sport. The webinar is suitable for anyone who coaches female athletes/teams from adolescent to adult level, club to representative focused, but may also be of interest to all coaches or anyone interested in Women in Sport. Hayley Harrison will host the conversation with three excellent coaches discussing their coaching philosophy and styles when coaching female athletes/teams. Topics discussed on the day:
 A player centred approach to coaching females
 The importance of leadership and communication when building a positive team culture
 Psychology and considerations for coaching practice
 Coaching styles for athletes or players of different levels or ability
 The difference between coaching females and males
 Developing a positive coach-athlete relationship

Sep 23, 2020 04:00 PM

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