Please scroll down for today’s Wales versus Ireland results.

Wales emerged victorious after 17 cracking bouts at the National Sports Centre in Cardiff.

The meeting was the return leg from the recent Ireland versus Wales internationals in Wexford.

Martin Collins, John Donoghue, William Faulkner, Michael Faulkner, Nathan Keegan and Keelyn Roche had their hands raised in victory for Ireland this afternoon.

Team Ireland are schedule to arrive home tomorrow morning via Dublin Airport.

(Please scroll down for more pictures from today. Images courtesy of Paddy Gallagher)


Wales v Ireland, National Sports Centre Cardiff

November 3

33kg Cory Jones (Wales) beat Scott Thompson (Ireland) 3-0
38kg Harvey Williams (Wales) lost to Martin Collins (Ireland) 0-3
42kg Kiern James (Wales) lost to John Donoghue (Ireland) 0-3
43kg Tommy Joe Jones (Wales) beat Kyle Smith (Ireland) 3-0
44kg John Murphy (Wales) beat Cian Dolan (Ireland) 3-0
58kg Tom Price (Wales) beat Michael Lambe (Ireland) 2-1
46kh KIeran Bevan (Wales) lost to William Faulkner (Ireland) 1-2
46kg Romeo Costa (Wales) lost to Michael Faulkner (Ireland) 1-2
46kg Ben Wetter (Wales) lost to Nathan Keegan (Ireland) 1-2
F52kg Zoe Andrews (Wales) beat Robyn Murran (Ireland) 3-0
60kg Alex O’Sullivan (ales) lost to Keelyn Roche (Ireland) 1-2
60kg Scott Jones (Wales) beat Ciaran Delaney (Ireland) 3-0
51kg Mo Hashim (Wales) beat Craig Bigger (Ireland) 3-0
60kg Ioan Croft (Wales) beat Jack McGivern (Ireland) 3-0
64kg Garan Croft (Wales) beat Gareth Dowling (Ireland) 2-1
64kg Jamie James (Wales) beat Steve Cairns (Ireland) 3-0
69kg Taylor Bevan (Ireland) beat David Nevin (Ireland) 3-0

Wales 11 Ireland 6