#WISWeek2022 – Leadership & Governance: IABA WIS Leaders Release Club Tips.

As part of Women in Sport Week, and marking today’s Leadership theme, Irish Boxing’s Sport Ireland Women in Sport Leadership programme graduates have gathered some information that clubs may find helpful in supporting women and girls in boxing. This may be particularly useful to clubs whose female membership is growing.

The document includes information on:

  • Willingness
  • Participation
  • Progression
  • Coaching
  • Menstruation
  • Visibility
  • Voice
  • Club champion

The document also includes information on the significant way in which women contribute to Irish boxing – in terms of coaching, sport administration, competition and committee roles.

This document is part of the #FollowHerLead2022 suite of programmes, which has already included:

Menstrual Cycle & Nutrition online seminar: almost 70 clubs attended this seminar, enabling coaches to understand the impact of the menstrual cycle on their boxers’ training, and support coaches in realizing their boxers’ full athletic potential.

Lead – Women’s Boxing Programme: IABA is funding the provision of a free 6-week programme for new women members in clubs across Ireland. Applications close today and the programme will begin shortly.

Champions – IABA will shortly invite expressions of interest from key women of boxing in every county to act as Boxing Ambassadors to women competitors, sports administrators, coaches and volunteers in their areas.

This first pillar of programmes and resources will be followed later this year by second suite of supports for clubs, and WIS Lead, Louise McKenzie welcomes your input on how best to support bringing more women and girls in to boxing in training, in competition, coaching or volunteering. You can get in touch with Louise through louise.mckenzie@iaba.ie