#WISWeek2024 – Leadership & Governance: IABA WIS Leaders Release Club Tips.

As part of Women in Sport Week, and marking today’s Leadership theme, IABA is re-platforming Irish Boxing’s Sport Ireland Women in Sport Leadership programme graduates who, in 2022, gathered some information that clubs may find helpful in supporting women and girls in boxing. This may be particularly useful to clubs whose female membership is growing.

The document includes information on:

  • Willingness
  • Participation
  • Progression
  • Coaching
  • Menstruation
  • Visibility
  • Voice
  • Club champion

The document also includes information on the significant way in which women contribute to Irish boxing – in terms of coaching, sport administration, competition and committee roles. It was developed by Anna Moore, Jenny O’Sullivan Coffey, Mags Cross, Anita Juste, Aideen Floyd, Emma Roche, Tara Robins Mari and Kat Clarke.

Women in Sport Week Events.

IABA’s Women in Sport Lead, Sophie Doolan, has developed a series of events in line with Sport Ireland’s WIS week pillars, including:

March 4th: High Performance – profiling some of the key women in High Performance Boxing

March 5th: Visibility – IABA will launch Phase Two of the Ringcraft programme on Tuesday.

March 6th – IABA will replatfom to clubs the keynote advice development by the Women in Leadership Group in 2022 to assist clubs in supporting women and girls in our sport.

March 7th – Coaching & Officiating. IABA has asked clubs to contribute to the highlighting of women coaches and officials in their club.

March 8th – International Women’s Day

*IABA’s National Secretary will share a keynote message with women of Irish Boxing

*IABA’s brand new Youth Leadership programme will open to expressions of interest from young women

*IABA Ulster will host a Try It! day for primary and secondary school students in Belfast.