Ireland’s top young prospects take on a talented Welsh side over two legs in Wexford this weekend.


Both nations meet at the Belfield GAA club in Enniscorthy tonight and the Youth Centre in New Ross on Saturday evening.


The Sacre Coeur BC and St Mary’s BC are organising the Model County internationals.


“There’s some very talented boxers and champions on both sides and we’re certainly looking forward to what should be a very competitive meeting tonight,” said Frankie Kirwan of the Sacre Coeur club.


Wexford and Irish boxing extends a warm welcome to the Welsh team.


Boxing, after the ring parades, begins at 7pm on Friday and Saturday.



Ireland v Wales

Belfield GAA Club

October 12 (7pm)


Nathan Brooks v Shea Ryan
Nathan Tyrell v Alex Sinnott

39kg Fionn O Leary v Harvey Williams
43kg Cian Dolan  v John Murphy
38kg Paddy Cleary v Jake Morris
35,5kgCallum Ruth v Corey Jones
45kg Micheal Faulkner v Kieran Bevan
59kg Logan Whlean v Tom Price
46kg James Moorehouse v Romeo Costa
60kgRyan Cullen v Alex O Sullivan
52kg Adam Hession  v James Probert
69kg Jake Cox v Taylor Bevan
51kg Niamh Early v Helen Jones

Ireland v Wales

Youth Centre New Ross

October 13 (7pm)


Nicole Kinsella  v  Paddy Doyle (Exhibition)
Ainne Doyle vs Gemma Walsh

41,5kg Gavin Ryan vs Tommy Jo Jones
59kg Evan Kirwan vs Tom Price
43kg Michael Nuggent vs John Murphy
45kg Micheal Faulkner vs Kieran Bevan
Micheal Moffit vs Kyle Malone
42kg Martin Collins vs Kieran Jones
39kg Lee Gallagher vs Harvey Williams
52kg Steven Doyle vs Mohammed Hashim
Peter Moffit vs Patrick Whlean
64kg Matthew Tyndal vs Garvan Cofts
50kg Adam Kinsella vs Kobert Crocker