Organisation & Structure

Objectives and Structure

The objective of the  Irish Athletic Boxing Association is to develop and foster moral, social, and physical education generally and in particular to develop, foster and control Olympic style boxing in Ireland.

Further still, the IABA may:

  1. Promote and hold championships and other tournaments
  2. Grant Permission for holding tournaments
  3. Allot championship competitions to promoting bodies affiliated to the Association
  4. Promote or take part in International Contests
  5. Arrange the terms or conditions upon which any Challenge Cups or Trophies may be presented for any County, Provincial or National Championship

The Boxing Council and Standing Committee

The Boxing Council consists of the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Registrar and eight members all of who have been elected in the manner prescribed in rule 29.1; together with four Provincial Presidents. The Boxing Council Meetings are held at intervals of not more than three months and are held at least one each month during the period October to May and at such intervals as required during the remainder of the year.

Standing Committee
President 1 Provincial Presidents 4
Vice President 1
Honorary Secretary 1
Honorary Treasurer 1
Honorary  Registrar 1
Central Council Members 8  17


Boxing Council
President 1 Provincial Presidents 4
Vice President 1 State Services 4
Honorary Secretary 1 3 Representatives of each Provisional Council 12
Honorary Treasurer 1 1 Representative of County Boards with 20-34 Clubs
Honorary  Registrar 1 2 Representative of County Boards with 35 Clubs or more
Central Council Members 8  Central Medical Ex Officer 1