Active Schools Week – Invitation for Local Schools to Visit Your Club

The Department of Education and Skills and Healthy Ireland are encouraging all schools across Ireland to organise an Active Schools Week which is about providing fun and inclusive physical activity opportunities for all members of the school community. It is also seen as great way to make students and their families more aware of the physical activity opportunities available to them in their local communities.

Active Schools Week – 27th April to 1st May 2015.

Grow Your Club Membership and Participation Levels

This nationwide initiative representatives a great opportunity for all boxing clubs to get more involved with local schools within their communities in the Republic of Ireland and to invite school children to come along and experience all the health and social benefits of learning how to box in their local club.

Would you like to Open Up your Boxing Club Up to the Schools Initiative?

If so, simply email or telephone 01 453 3371 and confirm your participation within Active Schools.

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What Happens Next?

The contact details submitted for your club will be circulated to the Active Schools Flag Team and in turn to all the local schools, both primary and secondary within in your area.


If there is interest expressed by any of the school children in learning more or participating in boxing, the school will contact  you to arrange the date and time to organise the induction course/Open Day.

Induction Course: Bronze Type ‘Non Contact Programme’ – 2nd Date TBC

On Saturday 28th March, The IABA held a training day  free of charge in Drimnagh Boxing Club by Olympic Gold Medallist, Michael Carruth and Paul Quinn who are part of the very successful Startbox Intiative in conjunction with Dublin City Council. For the last 5 years,  the team of 5 community development officers have introduced over 15,000 children, both male and female to the Sport of Boxing within the Dublin region


TARGET GROUP – Level 1 Coaches interested in engaging with their local school.

THEME – “You only get one chance to make a first impression – how to ensure participants have a positive first experience in Amateur Boxing”

OBJECTIVES – To improve Level 1 coaches chances of providing that vital positive first impression of amateur boxing to new participants. To provide level 1 coaches the ability to implement basic boxing drills and training techniques in a Fun, Safe, and Positive manner.


  • Making a first impression
  • Targeting new participants
  • Concerned parents/teachers
  • Different methods of engaging first time participants
  • What works / What doesn’t – Old School / New Philosophy
  • Keeping Amateur Boxing fun
  • The Numbers Game – Increasing participation
  • Boxing in the Community – the foundation of its success

METHODOLOGY – Collaborative engagement, sharing of ideas and experiences, demonstrative manner.

Bronze Programme (Non Contact) Induction Course – 2nd Date TBC

Date: TBC   Time: TBC  Coaches: Michael Carruth and Paul Quinn Cost: Free of Charge