Russia’s Umar Kremlev was elected President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) at the AIBA Virtual Congress last weekend.

With 155 out of 158 voting delegates from eligible AIBA National Federations present, the quorum was reached.

To win outright, an absolute majority was needed – 78 votes. If no candidate got this number of votes, voting would then go into the next round. From the second round onwards, the candidate with the lowest number of votes would be removed.

1st round:

Umar Kremlev                         59 votes    39.86%

Boris Van der Vorst               34 votes     22.97%

Anas Al Otaiba                       23 votes     15.54%

Mohamed Moustahsane       19 votes     12.84%

Suleyman Mikayilov              13 votes     8.78%

Abstentions and blank votes 7 votes

2nd round:

Umar Kremlev                        66 votes     44.30%

Boris Van der Vorst               38 votes     25.50%

Mohamed Moustahsane       19 votes     12.75%

Anas Al Otaiba                       18 votes     12.08%

Suleyman Mikayilov              8 votes        5.37%

Abstentions and blank votes 6 votes

3rd round:

Umar Kremlev                        73 votes     49.66%

Boris Van der Vorst               38 votes     25.85%

Mohamed Moustahsane       22 votes     14.97%

Anas Al Otaiba                       14 votes      9.52%

Abstentions and blank votes 6 votes

4th round:

Umar Kremlev                        86 votes     57.33%

Boris Van der Vorst               45 votes     30.00%

Mohamed Moustahsane       19 votes     12.67%

Abstentions and blank votes 5 votes

Umar Kremlev got 86 votes in the fourth round and won the election with a 57.33% vote share.