Boxing Rules

AIBA Competition Boxing Rules

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association is governed and sanctioned by The International Boxing Association, referred to as the AIBA which  is a sport organisation that sanctions amateur (Olympic-style) boxing matches and awards world and subordinate championships. Recently, AIBA has been trying to build its own professional version of boxing, where boxers would retain their Olympic eligibility, through the team tournament league known as World Series of Boxing.

The mission of  the AIBA is to govern the sport of boxing in all its forms worldwide.


The Objectives of AIBA are:

  • To improve, promote, and spread worldwide the sport of boxing in all its forms, in the light of its educational, cultural and sports  values and to initiate programs designed to support young  athletes
  • To develop the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules and to ensure their enforcement in competitions organised by AIBA, each Confederation and any National Federation;
  • To organise its own international competitions
  • To ensure that all international competitions open to National Federations are held in accordance with the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules;
  • To regulate boxing in all its forms in accordance with these Statutes, the AIBA Bylaws, the AIBA Technical & Competition Rules, the Code of Ethics, the Disciplinary Code and Procedural Rules
  • To exercise governance approval authority over the statutes, constitution, bylaws, technical and competition rules, code of ethics and disciplinary code and procedural rules of National Federations, Confederations and AIBA Subsidiaries
  • To ensure unity between AIBA, AIBA Subsidiaries, the Confederations and the National Federations;
  • To protect and care for the safety and interest of boxers
  • To train and improve the quality and transparency of all Officials, including referees and judges, technical delegates and international technical officials

AIBA Competition Guidelines


IABA Rule Book

Download: IABA Rulebook 2019