Dear members,

The IABA Board of Directors met last week via teleconference. Following discussions with the President, I have been asked to inform our members of what is currently happening.

Updates on the Corona virus outbreak and the Pandemic level 5 restrictions were very central to all matters discussed. The board will be monitoring Government guidance on this matter over the coming days and weeks and will keep members advised on its impact for our sport.

The following is an update on some scheduled major championships:

EUBC School Boys & Girls

The Board discussed the EUBC Schoolboy and Schoolgirl championships 2021 scheduled to take place in Belfast this June. The board felt it was important to act early and decisively in this matter and have decided that in light of the current effect the pandemic is having on our Country and indeed the rest of Europe that it would be prudent to notify the EUBC that Ireland will not be in a position to host these championships this year. We will however propose to host the event in 2022, if not already designated to some other country by the EUBC. 

Elite Championships 2021

The Officer Board and Staff members continue to engage with Sport Ireland and the Department officials to look towards the potential of staging our Elite Championships in the coming months. There was some discussion around an April event. However, it must be noted that it is extremely unlikely that the “Elites” will take place whilst current restriction levels remain in place. Again, potential participants and all members will be advised of any updates as they happen.

A Team

A discussion took place around getting opportunities for the A team boxers to take part in round-robin tournaments or other international events. These boxers need competitive action also, but all opportunities are dependent on the situation with the Covid-19 virus.

World Youth Championships

The World Youth championships are currently scheduled to be held in Poland in April 2021. I will contact the World Body to see what protocols and precautions must be in place. We as an Officer Board, will then carry out due diligence on the information presented and create a plan around this to bring to the Government Expert Group. The Officer Board will then present their recommendations to the board in the coming weeks on the potential of Ireland sending a team to that event.

Club Covid-19 Resilience Fund

These funding streams have now been made available to the IABA for distribution. Clubs have been notified of same but must return the relevant documentation in order to draw down any funding. A deadline of March 31st exists and failure to meet this deadline will result in your application not being considered. Please contact Larry Morrison for further advice and information: 086-0292476

IABA Insurance

The affiliation and insurance that is currently in place will remain so for the duration of this boxing season and clubs will not be asked for any fees until the 2021/2022 season affiliation process begins.

I appreciate that much of this is not the news that our members would like to be receiving at this time, and it brings me no pleasure in presenting it. However, I do want to thank you all for the work you are doing in your communities to tackle this pandemic that has had such a tragic and lasting effect on our sport and indeed our members, especially those who have lost loved ones.

Stay strong.

Kind regards,
Paddy Gallagher

National Secretary