Members of clubs i.e. coaches, volunteers, etc. who are in direct contact with children or vulnerable persons on a continuous basis MUST be vetted. The National Vetting Bureau  (NVBA)  provides a legislative basis for the mandatory vetting of persons who wish to undertake certain activities relating to children or vulnerable persons. Vetting is provided to the Irish Athletic Boxing Association by the National Vetting Bureau. All members who have regular access to children or vulnerable people must be vetted as per the National Vetting Bureau Acts 2012 – 2016. NB: From 1st June 2023, Vetting Certs have a lifespan of 3 years. NB: You must be Garda Vetted, have a safeguarding qualification and have an IABA coaching qualification to be able to coach in a club environment or enter boxers into any competition. 


NECESSARY VETTING DOCUMENTS: Complete Form 1 & 2 below & send to along with:

1. a copy of photo id (e.g: passport or drivers licence)

2.a copy of proof of address ( e.g esb bill or bank statement or tax letter or insurance letter -must be less than 3 months old)

3 NVB 3 Parent Guardian Consent Form (See below – For Parents of U-18 Volunteers)

2 minute video from IABA on how to fill in vetting forms:

If you have any further questions or queries, please contact: Paul Hayes, IABA National Safeguarding Manager at: or 086-0748867.

It is recommended to scan your 2 forms and 2 proofs of identification (Usually copy of driving licence and utility bill with your name/address) to: or you can post to Vetting Manager, The National Stadium, 145 South Circular Road, D08 HY40.


The IABA operates a strict Vetting Policy with regards to approving the suitability of Applicants.

When assessing the suitability of an applicant , the IABA National Safeguarding Committee may consider and take into account all or any Garda Vetting Disclosures. Details relating to the prosecution for or conviction for any offences in the following list will automatically preclude an applicant from gaining IABA Vetting:

  1. Murder, Manslaughter.
  2. Offences against the State, Treason and offences under the Defence Act.
  3. Firearms, Explosives and Offensive Weapons Offences.
  4. Terrorist and Organised Crime Offences.
  5. All Sexual and Child Pornography Offences.
  6. Child Neglect and all other offences against Children.
  7. Abduction, Kidnapping, Hostage Taking, Hi-Jacking, False Imprisonment,
    Robbery, Torture, Endangerment, Harassment, Coercion, Assault
    Causing Harm or Serious Harm, Incitement to Hatred, Human Trafficking,
    and any other offences against the Person.
  8. All Offences of Cruelty Against Animals.
  9. All offences under Drug Trafficking Acts.
  10. All Offences under Theft and Fraud Offences Act dealt with at Circuit Court and above.
  11. All Offences under the Public Order Act and Criminal Damage Act and in
    respect of Anti-Social Behaviour dealt with at Circuit Court and above.
  12. Liquor Licensing offences for selling or providing Intoxicating Liquor to
    Children and offences under the Licensing (Combating Drug Abuse) Act.
  13. Offences under the Air Transport and Navigation Act, Immigration Act,
    Maritime Safety Act and Railways Act.
  14. Customs and Excise, Revenue, Social Welfare, Health and Safety,
    Environmental Protection and Waste Management offences dealt with at Circuit Court and above.
  15. Road Traffic Offences dealt at Circuit Court and Above.
  16. A history of persistent offending of any nature.
  17. Any offence of a similar nature or gravity to the above which is already
    enacted or which may be enacted in the future.


IABA Vetting policy requires Access NI disclosures received by Vetting Applicants be made available to a member of Ulster Boxing Staff upon request with regards to approving membership of IABA.

An applicant’s failure to produce disclosure upon request by designated IABA staff has the consequence of immediate suspension from the IABA due to safeguarding concerns.