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  • Ireland’s most successful Olympic Sport – 16 out of 31 Medals
  • A great source of pride for Irish people – 105 Year History
  • Recognised as one of the World’s leading boxing nations
  • Unprecedented growth inside and outside of the ring – 10% Membership Growth YOY
  • It’s a community and volunteer led sport across 32 Counties of Ireland
  • Boxing as a sport tackles social exclusion and contributes significantly to both the local economy and also to the lives of young people giving them a positive focus and outlook. It is our corporate social
    responsibility to help strengthen our community. We do so through the extensive work with our youth by building character, focus, work ethic and a sense of togetherness within our clubs – Significant CSR Value
  • A multi-purpose National Stadium in the heart of Dublin which has over 150,000 footfall each year
  • New commercial management structure in place
  • Ambitious plans for further Development of Sport in Ireland
  • National broadcaster coverage of National Elite Championship Finals

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It is a sport that requires Skill, Great Technical Ability, and a Huge Amount of Heart.