Twenty finals were resolved at the Dublin Boys Championships last night after a top class card at the National Stadium.

The tournament resumes tomorrow evening at the South Circular Road venue.

The remaining Boy 2 finals and Boy 3 finals will be decided.

Boxing begins at 7.30pm.


April 1


Boy 1

27kg John Maughan (Crumlin) beat Larry Connors (St Marys)
29kg Sean Gibbons (Bracken) lost to Jamie Collins (Drimnagh)
33kg Kyle O’Brien (Cabra) lost to Aaron Keogh (Drimnagh)
37kg Zac Nugent (St Marys) lost to Craig Murray Lynch (Avona)
38.5kg Callum Burns (St Marys) lost to Aziz Abdulnasser (Ballymun)
41.5kg John Connors (St Marys) beat Dylan Kelly (Swords)
43kg Lee Brennan (St Marys) beat Christopher Ronan (Docklands)
44.5kg Darren Murphy (Neilstown) lost to Lennon Arkins (Docklands)
46kg Kevin Rooney (Palmerstown) beat Paul Fitzpatrick (Neilstown)
48kg Adam Young (Palmerstown) beat Jason McDonagh (Darndale)

Boy 2

31kg Glen O’Flaherty (Neilstown) lost to William Mongan (Crumlin)
33kg Martin McDonagh (Avona) beat Alex Mooney (Hyland Boxing)
35kg Jack McAleer (Swords) beat Lewis Cooney (St Pappins)
37kg Armandus Kregzde (Avona) lost to Martin McDonagh (St Marys)
38.5kg Sean Curran (Neilstown) lost to Kai Griffin (Drimnagh)
40kg Leon Burns (Mulhuddart) lost to Jamie Hartman (Hyland Boxing)
41.5kg Tyler Nolan (Ch Orchard) beat Evan Wallace (Whitechurch)
43kg Nathan McDaid (St Pappins) beat Dylan Flynn (St Pappins)
44.5kg Adam O’Neill (Glin) beat Daniel McDonagh (Crumlin)
46kg Ardo Ott (Hyland Boxing) lost to Zak Leonard (St Marys)

Wednesday, 3 April (7.30pm)


Boy 2

48kg Mick McDonagh (St Marys) v Cillian Reilly (Jobstown)
50kg Eddie Sweeney (Drimnagh) v Arthur McDonagh (Crumlin)
52kg Johnny McDonnell (Docklands) v Nathan Stewart (St Matthews)
54kg Freddie Rumling (Whitechurch) v Barney McDonagh (Avona)

Boy 3

33kg Brandon Joyce (Mulhuddart) v Nathan Feeney (Drimnagh)
37kg Paul Fitzgerald (Corinthians) v Callum Ruth ( Cabra )
38.5 Roy Colgan (Avona) v Dean Smithers (Swords)
40kg Kyle McKay (Swords) v Sean Tyndall (Docklands)
41.5 Sean Murray Lynch (Avona) v Anton Genockey (Docklands)
43kg Aaron Creighton (Whitechurch) v Harry Matthews (Mulhuddart)
44.5 Jack Murray (Neilstown) v Malo Davis (Monkstown)
46kg Brian Stokes (Darndale) v Blaine Fitzgerald (Corinthians)
48kg Padraig Stapleton (Monkstown)v Jason Curtis (Docklands)
50kg Terry Maughan (Crumlin) v Lee McEvoy (Avona)
52kg Bobbi Flood (Cabra) v Podge Grehan (Mt Tallant)
54kg John McDonagh (Cabra) v Ryan Lee (Crumlin)
56kg Larry Connors (St Marys) v Tom Stokes (Darndale)
59kg Cian McKeever (Crumlin) v Alex Hertag (Bay City)
62kg Tadgh Begley (Cherry Orchard) v Thomas McCarthy (Sacred Heart)