8th September 2017

Dear Members

Further to my letter dated the 1st September 2017 regarding the election process.

There would appear to be confusion regarding the interpretation of the rules governing the eligibility of members to vote in elections at Provincial and National level.  The confusion would appear to be around the dates that affiliations were received by either their County Boards and/ or Provincial Councils and who is therefore eligible to vote based on dates received . The Board of Directors consider it vital that the broadest possible mandate be achieved in our electoral process. Further, to deny voting rights for some members (the vast majority being long established) on the basis of dates received by one body but ignoring other dates in the set out process, is not in-keeping with good Corporate Governance or indeed the value of inclusion that the IABA holds itself to.  For clarity, the affiliation forms received to head office would appear to have administrative errors/irregularities in relation to dates received by their County Board / Provincial Council but no other concerns that might prevent affiliation.

Therefore to stabilise this situation and provide leadership the Board hereby direct all Provincial Councils to err on the side of understanding and inclusivity in all decisions relating to whether our members have an eligibility to vote.

In the interest of clarity, all affiliation papers received into Head Office can be verified by the staff re the dates they were receipted. The Board now direct that any member whose affiliation forms were presented to Head Office on or before the 31st of July be allowed to vote in Provincial and National Elections.

Any Member who has not presented their affiliation before that date but feels they have a right to vote is invited to set out those reasons in writing and present them to the CEO, no later than the 13th September, for consideration by the board.

The Board will ensure for future elections that our rules are amended to make it absolutely clear that the interpretation which reflects the practice of the IABA is the correct interpretation.


Yours Sincerely,

Joe Christle

Chairman IABA.