The IABA Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Dear Members,

I would like to give you a brief update of events since my last address some weeks ago.


As you will know last Friday 16th December Ireland Senior Elites contested an International V’s England ABA.

Santa Claus made a brief attendance on a night that saw many of our clubs take advantage of our club deals which in turn saw a lot of our young members attending the International and cheering on Olympians Brendan Irvine, Stephen Donnelly and Darren O’Neill and the rest of our team on a good start to rekindling dual matches with the EABA. World Champion Michael Conlan and our two Olympic Champions Katie Taylor and Michael Carruth were amongst the spectators as was our Professional World Champion Andy Lee.

Strategic Plan

Earlier that evening the IABA launched its Strategic Plan 2017-2020 (Boxing Clever). The Plan was the culmination of a widespread consultation process and lists amongst other things growth in membership, increase in self -generated revenue, more robust governance through the whole organisation and an aim to consistently hold a ranking within the top 5 in the World as part of its objectives with a long term aim of becoming the World’s Number 1 boxing nation. This can only be achieved by full support from our members, keystakeholders and funders. This is a very ambitious plan and very honest and highlights some of the areas that we could be stronger as an association and sets clear objectives to strengthen those areas.

After the Olympic Games I gave a commitment that an Independent review would be conducted into our High Performance Program over the last 4 years and that the recommendations from the review would be embedded into the Strategic Plan 2020. I am delighted to report that this has been fully achieved and I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the completion of both the Post Rio Review and Strategic Plan 2017-2020. The strategic plan can now be found on our website www.iaba.ie

Rule Book

Work on producing a rulebook for the organisation continues. As you will remember a draft rulebook was distributed at the 2015 National Convention in Ennis, the Boxing Council have presented the work they have carried out on the draft from 2015 in November 2016 and it has been agreed at Board of Directors meeting that the two documents will now be handed over to an Independent Solicitor who has extensive experience working with Rules for a large sporting NGB. It is envisaged that a recommended rulebook, appropriate for our organisation moving into 2017 will be presented to the board by the end of January.

AIBA Emergency Congress

AIBA held its emergency Congress in Montreaux, Switzerland on the 20th December 2017 following a meeting of the Executive Committee of AIBA at the same venue on the 19th December, President Pat Ryan, Vice president Joe Hernon and I attended the Congress where new rules were ratified including using all 5 judges to adjudicate contests and the R&J draw commission to be restructured at major competition.

President Wu also advised the body that former Executive Director had sent around emails, trying to cause disharmony for the AIBA family before the Emergency Congress. He advised the body that AIBA would pursue this legally. Further, the outcome of the investigation into the Referee’s and Judges at the Rio Olympics will be notified to all soon. Former IABA Head Coach Billy Walsh was named AIBA Coach of the Year and gave an emotional acceptance speech thanking his own coach Eddie Byrne(RIP) and dedicated the award to his late father Liam, all three IABA representatives CEO Fergal Carruth, President Pat Ryan and Vice President Joe Hernon congratulated Billy in person and at the event.

Dr Wu President of AIBA advised Executive Director Karim Bouzidi who was re-assigned during the Olmpic Games has now finished with AIBA. The Congress placed a huge emphasis on Integrity and each National Federation present were asked to sign a Code of Ethics .


Due process continues in the case of Michael O’Reilly’s positive doping result notified to the IABA on the eve of the opening ceremony at the Rio Games. It is expected that there will be updates in this matter early in 2017.

Michael Conlan has been advised that he will be required to pay a significant fine if he wishes to ever participate again under the auspices of AIBA. However, the IABA have been advised that no disciplinary action will be taken against them in relation to this matter.


There were workshops held in Connacht and Munster before Christmas in Childrens Safe Guarding and Club Development and the response was very positive. There was also a Medical and Scientific Seminar held on the 10th of December in the National Stadium which dealt with matters such as Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Anti-Doping. All of the above will be rolled out further in the provinces in 2017.


I would like to thank all our members for your continued dedication and commitment to boxing in Ireland. There is a long term aim within our Strategic plan that Ireland would in the future aim to be the World Number 1 boxing nation and I firmly believe that if we all work together and with the continued support of our stakeholders and funders this long term goal can be achieved.
I wish you all and your families a fantastic Christmas and a very happy and successful 2017.
Congratulations to all of our members who achieved so much this year and we look forward to an even more successful 2017.

Yours sincerely

Fergal Carruth

CEO Irish Athletic Boxing Association