Warm Up 12/15 Mins

( General warm up/stretch )

School of Boxing

Juniors 6 X 2 minute rounds

Youths 6 X 3 minute rounds

Round 1

Movement only at 60/70%, no punching, no feints. Emphasising on defence, so slipping, rolling, stepping off to the side or back, being mindful of guard at all times

Round 2

Back foot boxing, staying on the toes moving constantly, throwing only single defensive shots for the whole round.

Round 3

Lead hand feint, followed by step back or to the side, followed by attack leading with back hand, can be single punch attack or 2 punch attack, back hand followed by lead hand hook. Stepping off after each attack, ready to go again.

Round 4

Lead hand only, with emphasis on full extension jabs, going forwards and backwards. One jab going forward, one jab going back. Double jab going forward, double jab going back, triple jab going forward, triple jab going back, straight lines, remembering defence and stepping off after last jab going back.

Round 5

Pressure/close range round. NO PUNCHING, keeping your chin on your chest with high guard on the front foot. Look for openings, feinting, drawing opponent in, cutting off the corners/angles in the ring.

Round 6

Open round, all ranges, long medium & short, 60/70%

S&C Session

Circuit – 4 Sets ( 30 seconds each exercise, 5 second break, all body weight only )


Press ups

Tuck Jumps

Sit Ups



Leg Raises up n down

Ankle Grabs