(Home Sessions)

Warm up: 12/15 Mins

(General warm up/Stretching)

Shadow/Tec Rounds

Juniors 7x2mins

Youths 7x3mins

1 minute break

This week we are concentrating starting each attack on a specific punch,

While using good defensive exit after each attack.

Round 1: (Feinting/Movement)

Build up from correct shape, Use feinting skills and all defences.

Round 2: (Start attacks with jab, long distance)

Be first/start attacks with jab, 3-4 punch attacks. EG:

Jab, cross, hook or

Jab, jab body, backhand

Round 3: (Start each attack with long straight backhand)

Be first/start attacks with long straight backhand, 2-3 punch attacks.

Cross, hook, cross or

Cross, jab, uppercut

Round 4: (Long Front hook attacks)

Start with long hook 2/3 punch attacks.

Hook, cross, hook or

Hook, Hook¸ cross

Round 5: (Mid/Short front hook attacks)

Start with short hook 2/3 punch attacks.

Hook, back uppercut, front uppercut or

Hook, short backhand, hook

Round 6: (Lead uppercut attacks, any distance)

Start attacks with lead uppercut 2/3 punch attacks, Make sure head is out of centre and bend front knee.

Uppercut, cross, hook or

Uppercut, front hook, cross


(Home Sessions)

Round 7 (open round)

Concentrate on correct punching technique throughout round

3 Minute Rest


Circuit x 2

Rest between stations – 45seconds

Station 1

Mountain climber X20

Sit up X20

Press up X20

All out straight punching 20seconds

Station 2

Squats X20

Mountain climbers X20

Tuck jump X20

All out uppercuts 20seconds

Station 3

Front plank 1 minute

All out punching 30secs

Station 4

Dip X20

Burpee X20

Lunge X20

All Out punching 20secs

10mins cool down/stretch