Dear Members,

An Emergency meeting of the Board of Directors was held last evening to consider the upcoming Rule Book EGM scheduled for Sunday 22nd January 2017. At that meeting the President of the IABA, Pat Ryan, together with the other elected IABA Directors, took the opportunity to express their concerns, on a number of issues pertaining to the functional running of the IABA, with particular reference to its organisation structure. Following protracted discussions, there was a general consensus that we need to find, common ground and a new way forward, consistent, with the expressed wish of our members and with the aim of embracing a more proficient approach, to the management of our organisation.

In this regard the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr Joe Christle has agreed to issue to our members, a detailed comprehensive letter, dealing with the issues raised at the meeting.

Also, the Board of Directors, in a practical demonstration, to support the process, wish to extend an invitation to attend and participate in a debate, with the Rules Book Sub-Committee, Officer Board and the Central Council.

This postponement of the IABA EGM, will further accommodate recommendations from the units and stakeholders that have not had the opportunity to forward their proposals to the Central Council Rule Book Sub-Committee.

The Rule Book sub-committee of the Central Council in collaboration with the Board of Directors Rule Book sub-committee, supported by Consultant Sara O’Shea, will facilitate in a joint effort, with the preparation of a final Draft – Rule Book and present to the Central Council and the Board of Directors, before going to our members for consideration, in preparation for an anticipated EGM, in early March/April 2017.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you all for your contribution and patience on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Pat Ryan

President, IABA