IABA Publishes 2021 Year In Review.

IABA has published it’s inaugural Year in Review this afternoon, to mark an extraordinary year in Irish boxing.

The review includes a message from IABA Chief Executive, Fergal Carruth, an extract of which is “There can be no doubt boxing, Sport and indeed society as a whole has endured one of the toughest periods in living memory over the last 2 years. However, even during these extremely testing times we in the IABA should all be very proud that boxing this year was able to deliver hope and to raise the spirits of our members and the wider society.”

It also includes a look-back at the success of the Tokyo Olympic games, and medals for Kellie Harrington and Aidan Walsh, Ireland’s return to international competitive boxing, beginning in February.

It pays tribute to the extraordinary work of clubs, coaches and club administrators in coping with changing Covid 19 restrictions and their impact on training and competition.

The review notes that over 200 clubs, county boards and provincial units were allocated grants under Covid 19 Resilience Funding, and highlights the success of programmes including Hi Garda, Start Box, the High Five Boxing Academy and Women in Sport. It also sets out IABA’s commitment to boxing inclusions.

The review also contains this year’s Safeguarding and Anti Doping reports, delivered by Safeguarding Manager, Declan Lynch, and Anti Doping Officer, Larry Morrision, at the AGM on company matters on Monday, December 20th.

The Year in Review has been emailed to all clubs, and is also available here