IABA votes for positive change: Board to be expanded to facilitate 40% female representation.

In an historic ballot, clubs attending the IABA AGM have voted, unanimously, to expand the Board of Directors to increase in the number of independent Directors from 2 (two) to 4 (four) to assist in having 40% female representation on the Board of Directors.

Chair, Niall O’Carroll, says “ Clubs are united in their desire for a gender representative board; women are a force throughout every part of our sport – in the ring, as coaches, as officials, as elected representatives. Its right that women’s voices are a prominent part of the decision making for our sport as members of the Board of Directors. Voting delegates here today can be proud of their decision, and can know every part of our sport and our community will be made better for having more women’s voices in decision-making”.

34 clubs were presented at today’s AGM. 29 clubs voted, and all 29 clubs voted in favour of the Ordinary Resolution: “That, subject to consent of the Revenue Commissioners, the Constitution of the Company in the redline tracked form attached and marked with the letter’s“ Proposed Revised Constitution” be adopted as the revised agreed Constitution of the Company.”

IABA’s current board, of 10 people, is has 10% female membership. The Board is comprised of Independent Chair, Niall O’Carroll, President’s Nominee, Neil Gough, Munster President, Ted Barry, Connacht Representative, Tom Geraghty, Ulster Representative, Charlie Toland, and directly elected Member Representatives Darren O’Neill and Fiona Hennigan. There are two vacant independent seats, and recruitment to fill those vacancies is underway.

Today’s decision means 1 additional member representative, to be a woman, will be recruited, and an additional skill-based independent member will be recruited. The Board of Directors will issue further communications in the short term on the manner of election of the additional member representative.

The IABA constitution allows the increase of Directors by Ordinary Resolution by virtue of Object 46 – this amendment to the Constitution is intended to permanently incorporate the increased number of Directors by way of constitutional amendment.  The Ordinary Resolution has passed and an EGM will be required to enshrine the Ordinary Resolution in the IABA constitution. This will take place in due course.

IABA also shared with clubs present at the AGM, and subsequently by email, additional information on expenditure in 2022:

Expenditure by Central Council, detailed by competition, and related costs

Central Council Year2022Review

IABA expenditure, detailed by area:


IABA income, detailed by source:


Appendix One: