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Paddy Barnes, pictured, is leading the way for Irish boxing heading into Rio 2016.

The Holy Family BC light-fly and two-time Olympic bronze medallist is the only Irish boxer to qualify for three Olympics since Ireland first entered the Olympic Games in 1924.

Twelve Irish boxers have qualified for and competed at two Olympics.

Six of that total have claimed two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

Team Ireland fly into Rio next Tuesday for their final training camp ahead of the 2016 Olympics.

The eight strong squad enter the Olympic village on July 29th. Boxing begins in Rio on August 6th.

Barnes, Katie Taylor, Michael Conlan, Brendan Irvine, David Oliver Joyce, Steven Donnelly, Michael O’Reilly and Joe Ward have qualified for the 31st Olympiad.

Over 100 male – and one female – boxers have represented Ireland at the Olympic Games since 1924.


Irish rio 2016 squad

Irish Rio 2016 squad


Ireland’s Three-Time Olympians

Light-flyweight: Paddy Barnes (Holy Family) 2008/12/16 (Bronze 2008 & 2012)

Ireland’s Two-Time Olympians

Flyweight & Bantamweight: Michael Conlan (St John Bosco & Clonard) 2012/16 (Bronze 2012)
Lightweight: Katie Taylor (Bray) 2012/16  (Gold 2012)
Bantamweight: John Joe Nevin (Cavan) 2008/12 (Gold 2012) (Silver 2012)
Light-flyweight and flyweight: Wayne McCullough (Albert Foundry) 1988/92 (Silver 1992)
Lightweight and Welterweight: Michael Carruth (Drimnagh) 1988/92 (Gold 1992)
Welterweight and Middleweight: Kieran Joyce (Sunnyside) 1984/88
Bantamweight: Phil Sutcliffe (Drimnagh) 1980/84
Light-flyweight: Gerry Hawkins (Holy Trinity) 1980/84
Bantamweight: Mick Dowling (Arbour Hill & British Rail) 1968/72
Lightweight & Light-welterweight: Jim McCourt (Immaculata) 1964/68 (Bronze 1964)
Flyweight: Michael “Myles” McDonagh (Army) 1928/32
Middleweight & Light-heavyweight: Willie ‘Boy’ Murphy (Army & Garda) 1928/32

Rio 2016
Light-flyweight: Paddy Barnes (Holy Family)
Flyweight: Brendan Irvine (St Paul’s, Antrim)
Bantamweight: Michael Conlan (Clonard)
Lightweight: Katie Taylor (Bray)
Lightweight: David Oliver Joyce (St Michael’s Athy & AIBA Pro Boxing)
Welterweight: Steven Donnelly (All Saints)
Middleweight: Michael O’Reilly (Portlaoise)
Light-heavyweight: Joe Ward (Moate & AIBA Pro Boxing

London 2012
Light-flyweight: Paddy Barnes (Holy Family) – Bronze
Flyweight: Michael Conlan (St John Bosco) – Bronze
Bantamweight: John Joe Nevin (Cavan) – Silver
Lightweight: Katie Taylor (Bray) – Gold
Welterweight: Adam Nolan (Bray)
Middleweight: Darren O’Neill (Paulstown)

Beijing 2008
Light-flyweight : Paddy Barnes (Holy Family) – Bronze
Featherweight: John Joe Nevin (Cavan)
Light-welterweight: John Joe Joyce (St Michael’s, Athy)
Middleweight: Darren Sutherland (St Saviours) – Bronze
Light-heavyweight: Ken Egan (Neilstown) – Silver

Athens 2004
Middleweight: Andy Lee (St Francis)

Sydney 2000
Light-middleweight: Michael Roche (Sunnyside)

Atlanta 1996
Flyweight: Damaen Kelly (Holy Trinity)
Light-welterweight: Francis Barrett (Olympic)
Middleweight: Brian Magee (Holy Trinity)
Heavyweight : Cathal O’Grady (St Saviours)

Barcelona 1992
Flyweight: Paul Buttimer (Sunnyside)
Bantamweight: Wayne McCullough (Albert Foundry) – Silver
Featherweight: Paul Griffin (Drimnagh)
Welterweight: Michael Carruth (Drimnagh) – Gold
Heavyweight : Paul Douglas (Holy Family)
Super-heavyweight: Kevin McBride (Smithboro)

Seoul 1988
Light-flyweight: Wayne McCullough (Albert Foundry)
Flyweight: Joe Lawlor (Darndale)
Bantamweight: John Lowey (Ledley Hall)
Featherweight: Paul Fitzgerald (Transport)
Lightweight: Michael Carruth (Drimnagh)
Welterweight: Billy Walsh (St Joseph’s)
Middleweight: Kieran Joyce (Sunnyside)

Los Angeles 1984
Light-flyweight: Gerry Hawkins (Holy Trinity)
Bantamweight: Phil Sutcliffe (Drimnagh)
Featherweight: Paul Fitzgerald (Arklow)
Welterweight: Kieran Joyce (Sunnyside)
Light-middle: Sam Storey (Holy Family)
Middleweight: Tommy Corr (Clonoe)

Moscow 1980
Light-flyweight: Gerry Hawkins (Holy Trinity)
Flyweight: Hughie Russell (Holy Family) – Bronze
Bantamweight: Phil Sutcliffe (Drimnagh)
Featherweight: Barry McGuigan (Smithboro)
Lightweight : Sean Doyle (St Joseph’s)
Light-welterweight : Martin Brereton (Edenderry)
Welterweight: PJ Davitt (Phoenix)

Montreal 1976
Light-flyweight: Brendan Dunne (Phoenix)
Flyweight: Davy Larmour (Albert Foundry )
Lightweight: Gerry Hamill (Holy Family)
Welterweight: Christy McLoughlin (British Rail)
Light-middleweight: Brian Byrne (Transport)

Munich 1972
Flyweight: Neil McLaughlin (St Eugene’s, Derry)
Bantamweight: Mick Dowling (British Rail)
Lightweight: Charlie Nash (St Mary’s, Derry)
Light-welterweight: Jim Montague (Star)
Welterweight: John Rodgers (Lisburn)
Light-middleweight: Christy Elliott (Port of Dublin)

Mexico City 1968
Flyweight: Brendan McCarthy (Arbour Hill)
Bantamweight: Mick Dowling (Arbour Hill)
Featherweight: Edward Tracey (Arbour Hill)
Lightweight: Martin Quinn (St John Bosco)
Light-welterweight: Jim McCourt (Immaculata)
Light-middleweight: Eamonn McCusker (St John Bosco)

Tokyo 1964
Flyweight: Sean McCafferty (St John Bosco)
Bantamweight: Chris Rafter (North City)
Featherweight: Paddy Fitzsimons (St Matthew’s)
Lightweight: Jim McCourt (Immaculata) – Bronze
Light-welteweightr: Brian Anderson (Middle Row)

Rome 1960
Flyweight: Adam McLean (Crown)
Bantamweight: Paddy Kenny (Cork News Boys & Coventry Irish)
Featherweight: Ando Reddy (Sandymount)
Lightweight: Danny O’Brien (Omagh)
Light-welterweight: Bernie Meli (Immaculata)
Welterweight: Harry Perry (British Rail)
Light-middleweight: Mick Reid (Crumlin)
Middleweight: Eamonn McKeon (Crumlin)
Light-heavyweight: Colin McCoy (Kilcullen)
Heavyweight: Joe Casey (Arbour Hill)

Melbourne 1956
Flyweight: Johnny Caldwell (Immaculata) – Bronze
Bantamweight: Freddie Gilroy (St John Bosco) – Bronze
Featherweight Martin Smyth (Star)
Lightweight: Tony Byrne (Tredagh) – Bronze
Light-welterweight: Harry Perry (British Rail)
Welterweight: Fred Tiedt (South City) – Silver
Heavyweight: Paddy Sharkey (Sydney)

Helsinki 1952
Flyweight: Ando Reddy (Sandymount)
Bantamweight: John McNally (White City) – Silver
Featherweight: Tommy Reddy (Sandymount)
Light-welter: Terry Milligan (Shortt and Harland)
Welterweight: Peter Crotty (Clonmel)
Middleweight: Willie Duggan (Crumlin)
Heavyweight: John Lyttle (St George’s)

London 1948
Flyweight: Alf William Barnes (Windsor)
Bantamweight: Willie Lenihan (Arbour Hill)
Featherweight: Kevin Martin (Mount Street)
Lightweight: Maxie McCullagh (Corinthians)
Welterweight: Peter Foran (St Andrew’s)
Middleweight: Mick McKeon (ITC)
Light-heavyweight: Hugh O’Hagen (Corinthians)
Heavyweight: Gearoid O’Colmain (North City)

Los Angeles 1932
Bantamweight: Paddy Hughes (Corinthians)
Featherweight: Ernie Smith (St Andrew’s)
Welterweight: Larry Flood (Army)
Light-heavy: Jim Murphy (Army)

Amsterdam 1928
Flyweight: Michael “Myles” McDonagh (Army)
Bantamweight: Frankie Traynor (St Paul’s)
Featherweight: George Kelly (North City)
Lightweight: Willie O’Shea (Army)
Welterweight : PJ Lenihan (St James)
Middleweight: Jack Chase (Garda)
Light-heavyweight: Willie ‘Boy’ Murphy (Garda)
Heavyweight: Matt Flanagan (Garda)

Paris 1924
Flyweight: Michael “Myles” McDonagh (Army)
Bantamweight: Robert Hilliard (Trinity College BC)
Featherweight: Mossy Doyle (Army)
Lightweight: PJ Kelleher (Army)
Welterweight: Paddy Dwyer (Army)
Middleweight: Willie ‘Boy’ Murphy (Army)
Light-heavyweight: John Kidley (Army)