Procedure for National Elite Weigh-In’s

The National Elite Championships begin on Friday, September 17th.

The weigh-in times below apply for the various days boxing.

Each boxer must weigh-in on only the days he/she is boxing. If you are not down to box on a particular day, you don’t weigh-in on that day.

Weigh-in times:

Fri 17th Sept      9am – 11am

Sat 18th Sept     8am – 10am 

Fri 24th Sept      9am – 11am

Sat 25th Sept     8am – 10.30am

Sat 2nd Oct        8am – 12pm

The weigh-ins will take place in the Ringside Club at the back of the National Stadium. Entry to this will be via the entrance gate which is located between the stadium front door and Griffith College. The gate to the stadium car park will not be open. Only the boxer (no coaches) attends the weigh-in accompanied by his/her boxing record book.

Upon entry, each boxer will have to complete an ‘Antigen test’. Any boxer who fails the antigen test will be removed immediately from the Championships. Every boxer who successfully completes the antigen test will then progress to the doctor to have a medical check. After successfully passing the doctors medical check, the boxer will then progress to the scales to be weighed and hand over their record book. Following completion of their weigh-in, the boxer will leave the venue.

Enter Ringside  ->  complete antigen test  ->  complete medical  ->  complete weigh-in  ->  leave