Six U/18 champions were crowned at the National Stadium in Dublin this afternoon.


Terry Donoghue, Craig Kavanagh, Jordan Myers, Thomas Maughan, Martin Jim Mongan and Martin Mongan had their hands raised in victory.


Myers and Tommy Hyde, who celebrated his 18th birthday this weekend, were involved in the bout of the tournament so far, according to Peter O’Donnell, MC at the home of Irish boxing.


Myers edged the contest on a 3-2 split.


“You wouldn’t see it at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, a fantastic contest. Both boxers gave it absolutely everything and it went right down to the wire,” said O’Donnell.


Earlier today, World Youth bronze medallist and World Junior silver medallists, Gabriel Dossen, Eamer Coughlan and Paddy Donovan advanced to next weekend’s finals after posting impressive wins.


Four finals will be decided to complete the tournament next Friday evening.


Please scroll down for weekend results.




National Men’s U/18 Championships National Stadium Dublin


Sunday, May 14th

S/Finals (11am)

52kg David Oliver Joyce (Ballymun) beat Raymond Collins (Trojan) 5-0
52kg Ownie McDonagh (Leeside Lough) beat Sean Kavanagh (Monkstown D) 5-0
60kg Eamer Coughlan (Riverstown) beat  Cillian Spillane (Trojan) TKO2
60kg Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown) beat Callum Bradley (Sacred Heart Omagh) 4-1
64kg Patrick Donovan (OLOL) beat  Luke Burke (Grangecon) TKO2
64kg Pierce O’Leary (Docklands) beat Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) 5-0
69kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Paul Ryan (Bay City) 4-1
69kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Michael Hennessy (St Monicas) 5-0

49kg Terry O’Donohue (St Michaels Athy) beat Liam Glennon (St Josephs Derry) 5-0
56kg Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat Seamus Mongan (Bay City) 4-1
75kg Jordan Myers (Sligo City) beat Tommy Hyde (Setanta) 3-2
81kg Thomas Maughan (Cavan)  beat Pierre Stokes (Athlone) RSCI3
91kg Martin Jim Mongan (Ennis) beat  Thomas Gavin (Darndale) 5-0
91+kg Martin  Mongan (OLOL) beat Luke Hill (Crumlin) TKO1


Friday, May 19th

Finals (5pm)

52kg David Oliver Joyce (Ballymun) V Ownie McDonagh (Leeside Lough)
60kg Eamer Coughlan (Riverstown) V Kenneth Doyle (Monkstown)
64kg Paddy Donovan (OLOL) V Pierce O’Leary (Docklands)
69kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) V Gabriel Dossen (Olympic)


May 13th


46kg Adam Hession (Monivea) beat Diarmuid Toland (Lurgan) 3-2


52kg Raymond Collins (Trojan) beat Jordan Sheehan (Clonmel) 3-2
52kg David O Joyce (Ballymun) beat  Martin McDonagh (Ballina) 5-0
52kg Sean Kavanagh (Monkstown D) beat Kane Marshall (Emerald Antrim) 5-0
52kg Ownie McDonagh (Leeside Lough) beat Gavin Flynn (Dungarvan) 5-0
60kg Eamer Coughlan (Riverstown) beat Joe Whelan (St Ibars/Josephs) AB2
60kg Cillian Spillane (Trojan) beat Nathan Mongan (Cavan) 4-1
60kg Callum Bradley (Sacred Heart Omagh) beat Sean Whelan (Docklands) 4-1
60kg Kenneth Doyle (Monsktown D) beat Dillon McDonagh (Docklands) 4-1
64kg Patrick Donovan (OLOL) beat Michael Avetisian (Glasnevin) KO2
64kg Luke Burke (Grangecon) beat Sean Dempsey (Sacre Coeur) 3-2
64kg Michael Kinsella (St Anthony’s/Pats) beat Leigh Wilson (Westside) 5-0
64kg Pierce O’Leary (Docklands) beat Tom Stokes (All Saints Ballymena) 5-0
69kg Jason Harty (Rathkeale) beat Jack Conroy (Elite Mullingar) 4-1
69kg Paul Ryan (Bay City) beat Cameron Bennett (Bracken) 5-0
69kg Michael Hennessy (St Monicas) beat Brian Elliott (Illies GG) 5-0
69kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Terence Terence Ward (Eagle) 5-0

49kg Terry O’Donohue (St Michaels Athy) beat Sean Kelly (Dunfanaghy) 5-0
56kg Seamus Mongan (Bay City) beat Robbie Gould (Monkstown D) 3-2
56kg Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) 5-0
75kg Jordan Myers (Sligo City) beat Jack Lawlor (Thurles) 5-0
75kg Tommy Hyde (Setanta) beat Jamie Harty (Rathkeale) 4-1`
81kg Pierre Stokes (Athlone) beat Ryan Bolger (Crumlin) 5-0
91kg Martin Jim Mongan (Ennis) beat Thomas Cogley (Monivea) KO2
91kg Thomas Gavin (Darndale) beat Paul McCullough (St John Bosco U) 4-1
91+kg Luke Hill (Crumlin) W/O


May 12th

60kg Callum Bradley (Sacred Heart Omagh) beat Ryan Copeland (Erne) 5-0
60kg Sean Whelan (Docklands) beat Matthew McDonagh (Docklands) 5-0
60kg Kenneth Doyle (Monsktown D) beat Tom O’Neill (St Francis) 5-0
60kg Dillon McDonagh (Docklands) beat John Paul Fitzpatrick (Bay City) 3-2
64kg Tom Stokes (All Saints) beat Ian Desmond (Midleton) 5-0
69kg Michael Hennessy (St Monicas) beat Dylan Caldwell (Portlaoise) 5-0
69kg Terence David Ward (Eagle) beat  Karin Finnily (Lisburn) 5-0
69kg Gabriel Dossen (Olympic) beat Airijus Vitlipas (St Davids) 5-0


75kg Jack Lawlor (Tramore) beat Evan Cleary (Liberty) 5-0
75kg Jamie Harty (Rathkeale) W/O
75kg Tommy Hyde (Setanta) beat Brian McNamee (Convoy) 5-0
56kg Robbie Gould (Monkstown D) beat Jordan Smith (Holy Family Drogheda) 5-0
56kg Sean Purcell (Enniskerry) beat Jimmy McCarthy (St Michaels Athy) 5-0
56kg Craig Kavanagh (Crumlin) beat David McDonagh (Docklands) 5-0