Cheyanne O'Neill and coaches after today's win

Cheyanne O’Neill and coaches after today’s win

Please scroll down for today results from the National Men’s and Women’s U/22 and Novice Championships semi-finals and finals at the National Stadium in Dublin.

Almost half of the U/22 deciders finished on split decision wins, with Irish international Cheyanne O’Neill splitting the judges in her favour versus ex-World Junior champion and Olympic Youth silver medallist Ciara Ginty, and Commonwealth Games Youth champion James McGivern edging Shane Flavin in another cracking encounter.

Martin Sammon beat Stephen Mooney, pictured below, to set up next weekend’s lightweight gold-medal clash with Dylan Duffy.


Keylan Cassidy advanced to the middleweight final after AIBA World Youth bronze medallist Michael Nevin withdrew with a hand injury.

Shannon Sweeney, Nicole Moorehouse and Grainne Walsh claimed U/22 titles today, with European Elite bronze medallist Christina Desmond, Clodagh McComiskey, Nell Fox, Amy Broadhurst and Maeve McCarron receiving walkovers.The women’s Novice titles were secured by Cara Powell, Katie Slattery and Isaballa Hughes.

The tournament concludes next Friday with Men’s  U/22 and Novice finals. Boxing begins at 6.30pm. Weigh-ins for all finalists between 8am and 9am and 12pm and 1pm at the National Stadium.

National Men’s and Women’s U/22 and Novice Championships

Saturday January 21st (11am)

Men’s U/22 S/Finals

52kg Jason McKay (Holy Family GG) beat Mark Corcoran (Corinthians) 2-1
52kg Jordan Moore (Glasnevin) beat Leigh Moran (Illies GG) 2-1
56kg James McGivern (St Georges) beat Shane Flavin (Paulstown) 2-1
60kg Martin Sammon (Olympic Galway) beat  Stephen Mooney (St Marys Daingean) 3-0
60kg Dylan Duffy (Pegasus) beat Stephen Lockhart (Baldoyle) 3-0
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Gleann) beat Matthew McCole (Dungloe) 3-0
64kg Keith Flavin (Paulstown) beat Mosa Kambule (Lisburn) 3-0
69kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) beat Martin Stokes (Darndale) 2-1
69kg Eugene McKeever (Holy Family Dro) beat John Joe Nevin (Mullingar Elite) 2-1
75kg Keylan Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) beat  Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) inj W/O
75kg Martin Collins (Darndale) beat Sean McGuirke (Whitechurch) 3-0
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean) beat Anthony Brown (St Michaels Dublin) 2-1
81kg Wayne Rafferty (St Cianans) beat Simon Bangu (Dunboyne) 3-0
91kg Cormac Long (Rathkeale) beat Pearse McDonnell (Gleann) 2-1
91kg Geoffrey Kavanagh (Glasnevin) beat Kevin Sheehy (St Francis) 2-0

91+kg Thomas Carty (Glasnevin) beat John McDonald (Crumlin) 3-0

Women’s U/22 Finals

48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Annes) beat Chloe Fleck (Canal) 3-0
54kg Clodagh McComiskey (Gilford) W/O
57kg Nicole Moorehouse (Clonard Wexford) beat Tiegan Russell (Fr Horgans) 2-1
60kg Amy Broadhurst (Dealgan) W/O
64kg Cheyanne O’Neill (Athlone) beat Ciara Ginty (Geesala) 2-1
69kg Grainne Walsh (Spartacus) beat Samantha O’Grady (St Mary’s New Ross) 3-0
75kg Christina Desmond (Fr Horgans) W/O
81kg Nell Fox (Rathkeale) W/O

81+kg Maeve McCarron (Carrigart) W/O

Women’s Novice Finals

46kg Danielle McCarton (Kilnamanagh) W/O
48kg Cara Powell (Midleton) beat  Shania Murphy (St Pats Domhaire) 2-1
50kg Jackie Gillespie (Twin Towns) W/O
52kg Kayleigh Magee (Loughshore) W/O
57kg Kate Slattery (St Michaels Dublin) beat Anita Larkin (Baldoyle) 2-1
60kg Isabella Hughes (Mount Tallant) beat Tanya O’Flynn (St Francis) 3-0

63kg Kim Gaffney (Ballybough) W/O

January  20th

Men’s U/22 Q/final

69kg Eugene McKeever (Holy Family Dro) beat  Daniel Hoolihan (Kilcullen) 3-0

Women’s U/22 S/Final

48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Annes) beat  Ciara Anderson (Twin Towns) 3-0

Men’s Novice Semi Finals

57kg Caolan McConnell (Navan) beat  Anthony Canny (Tredagh) 3-0
57kg Erikas Skadas (Crumlin) beat Oisin Oliver (Aglish) 2-1
60kg Isabella Hughes (Mount Tallant) beat Victoria Shortt (Dealgan) 2-1
60kg Tanya O’Flynn (St Francis) beat Marie Theres Nolan (Togher) 3-0
60kg Brian Cassidy (Loughshore) beat  Karl O’Leary (St Mary’s Dublin) 3-0
60kg Ian Kelleher (Togher) beat Niall Quigley (Dealgan) 3-0
64kg Conor Jennings (St Monicas U) W/O
64kg John Paul Quinlan (Urlingford) beat Martin Scully (Thurles) 2-1
67kg Darragh Boland (Greenside) beat Brian Campbell (Sacred Heart Newry) 3-0
67kg Darren Rowland (Dealgan) beat  Graham Dowdall (Kilnamanagh) 2-1
71kg Arturas Masarous (Portlaoise) beat  Eamon Dillon (Douglas) 3-0
71kg Damien O’Donoghue (St Conleths) beat Stephen Doyle (Na Fianna) 3-0
75kg Eddie Treacy (St Teresas) beat  Patryk Legierski (Celtic Eagles) 3-0
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) beat  Liam Codd (Ballinacarrow) 3-0
81kg Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath) beat Glen McMenany (St Michaels Dublin) 3-0
81kg Darren Cole (Ballincarrow) beat Patrick Burke (Ballinrobe) 3-0
85kg Niall O’Hagan (Loughshore) beat Ciaran Quillan Sliabh Luachra) TKO2
85kg Chris Patterson (Canal) beat  David O’Reilly (Ballincarrow) 3-0
91kg Damien O’Boyle (Sean McDermott) beat  Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) 2-1
91kg Niall Coady (Saviours Crystal) beat Caolan Bradley (Loughshore) 3-0
91+kg Gatis Janesevskis (Tullow) beat  Mattie Kinch (Doolin) 3-0

91+kg Dean Scullion (Loughshore) beat Barry McShane (Dealgan) 3-0

January 27th

Men’s Novice Finals (6.30pm)
54kg Kevin McGrath (Angels) W/O
57kg Caolan McConnell (Navan) V Erikas Skadas (Crumlin)
60kg Brian Cassidy (Loughshore) V Ian Kelleher (Togher)
64kg Conor Jennings (St Monicas U) V John Paul Quinlan (Urlingford)
67kg Darragh Boland (Greenside) V Darren Rowland (Dealgan)
71kg Arturas Masarous (Portlaoise) V Damien O’Donoghue (St Conleths)
75kg Eddie Tracey (St Teresas) V Shane O’Brien (St Francis)
81kg Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath)  V Darren Cole (Ballincarrow)
85kg Niall O’Hagan (Loughshore) V Chris Patterson (Canal)
91kg Damien O’Boyle (Sean McDermott) V Niall Coady (Saviours/Crystal)

91+kg Gatis Janesevskis (Tullow) V Dean Scullion (Loughshore)

Men’s U/22 Finals

49kg Darryl Moran (Illies GG) V Jordan Leahy (Urlingford)
52kg Jason McKay (Holy Family GG) V Jordan Moore (Glasnevin)
56kg Jack Kelly (Cherry Orchard) V James McGivern (St Georges)
60kg Martin Sammon (Olympic Galway) V Dylan Duffy (Pegasus)
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Gleann) V Keith Flavin (Paulstown)
69kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin) V Eugene McKeever (Holy Family Dro)
75kg Keylan Cassidy (Saviours Crystal) V Martin Collins (Darndale)
81kg Brian Kennedy (St Marys Daingean V Wayne Rafferty (St Cianans
91kg Cormac Long (Rathkeale) V Geoffrey Kavanagh (Glasnevin)

91+kg Cian O’Shaughnessy (Rathkeale) V Thomas Carty (Glasnevin)

January 14th

Novice Q/Finals
71kg Arturas Masarous (Portlaoise) beat Ronan McGinley (Loughshore) TKO2
71kg Eamon Dillon (Douglas) W/0
71kg Damien O’Donoghue (St Conleth) beat  Conor Keane (Ballinrobe) TKO2
71kg Stephen Doyle (Na Fianna) beat Sean Murray (Rathfirland) 2-1
75kg Eddie Treacy (St Teresas) beat Shane Hearne (Saviours Crystal) TKO1
75kg Patryk Legierski (Celtic Eagles) beat James Bates (Bishop Kelly) 3-0
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) beat Owen Brady (Smithfield) 3-0
75kg Liam Codd (Ballinacarrow) beat Arthur Helizon (St Patricks Kilkenny) 3-0
85kg Ciaran Quillan (Sliabh Luachra) beat Peter McGoldrick (Galbally) 3-0
85kg Niall O’Hagan (Loughshore)beat  Noel Hegarty (Letterkenny) TKO2
85kg Chris Patterson (Canal) beat  Kevin Dorney (Saviours Crystal) 3-0
85kg David O’Reilly (Ballincarrow) beat Dariusiz Lechickin (Portlaoise) 2-1
91kg Kevin Cronin (Cashen Vale) beat Eamon Gilligan (Dunboyne) 3-0
91kg Caolan Bradley (Loughshore) W/O
91kg Niall Coady (Saviours Crystal) beat Seamus Leahy (Rathkeale)  3-0
91+kg Dean Scullion (Loughshore) beat  Nicholas Scott (Mourne All Blacks) 3-0

91+kg Barry McShane (Dealgan) beat Mick O’Sullivan (Edenmore) TKO3

Under 22 Q/Finals

52kg Leigh Moran (Illies GG) W/O
60kg Dylan Duffy (Pegasus) beat  Terry McEntee (Old School) 2-1
64kg Matthew McCole (Dungloe) beat Joseph Kelly (St Canices) 3-0
64kg Caoimhin Ferguson (Gleann) beat Evan Fitzgerald (Esker) 3-0
64kg Mosa Kambule (Lisburn) beat Lee Harris (Darndale) 3-0
64kg Keith Flavin (Paulstown) beat Jack Phelan (Riverstown) 3-0
69kg John Maughan (St Marys Dublin)  beat Patrick McConigley (Letterkenny) 3-0
75kg Michael Nevin (Portlaoise) beat  Rhys Moran (St Pauls Waterford) 3-0
75kg Sean McGuirke (Whitechurch) beat Sean Devrill (Grangecon)  2-1
75kg Martin Collins (Darndale) beat Thomas O’Toole (Celtic Eagles) 2-1
81kg Anthony Brown (St Michaels Dublin) beat Tom Kearney (Townland)  3-0
81kg Simon Bangu (Dunboyne) beat Pearse Sherry (Johnstown) 3-0

81kg Wayne Rafferty (St Cianans) beat Dylan Devine (St Davids Naas) 3-0January 13th

Novice  Prelims

71kg Sean Murray (Rathfirland) beat Patrick Coyle (St Pats Dromhaire) TKO3
71kg Stephen Doyle (Na Fianna) beat Bulat Bazarbayev (Greenside) 2-1
75kg James Bates (Bishop Kelly) beat  Aaron Lynam (Johnstown) 3-0
75kg Patryk Legierski (Celtic Eagles) beat  Mark Demsey (Corpus Christi) 2-1
75kg Shane O’Brien (St Francis) beat  Jack McAvoy (Rathfirland) TKO3
75kg Owen Brady (Smithfield) beat Paul Cox (Na Fianna) 2-1
75kg Arthur Helizon (St Patricks Kilkenny) beat  Maksel Grzegorz (St Marys Dublin) 2-1
75kg Liam Codd (Ballinacarrow) beat Rory Duffy (Omeath) 2-1

85kg David O’Reilly (Ballincarrow) beat James O’Shea (Tullow) TKO2

Novice Q/Finals

60kg Brian Cassidy (Loughshore) beat Ciaran Mangan (Dublin All Saints) TKO1
60kg Karl O’Leary (St Marys Dublin) beat  Barry Fiztpatrick (St Teresas) 3-0
60kg Niall Quigley (Dealgan) beat Kyle Clinton (Dunboyne) TKO1
60kg Ian Kelleher (Togher) beat  Darren Murphy (Avona) 3-0
64kg Conor Jennings (St Monicas U) beat  Shay Quinn (Loughshore) 3-0
64kg Curtis McHugh (Holy Family GG) beat  Colm Sharkey (Galbally) TKO2
64kg Martin Scully (Thurles) beat Joszef Marcinek (Togher) 2-1
64kg John Paul Quinlan (Urlingford) beat Cian Campbell (Sacred Heart Newry) TKO2
67kg Darragh Bowland (Greenside) beat  Damien Bennett (Greenside) 2-1
67kg Darren Rowland (Dealgan)  beat Peter Keenan (Leos Athlone) TKO1
67kg Graham Dowdall (Kilnamanagh) Beat  Taghdh Duffy (Mount Tallant) TKO1
81kg Jordan Lawlor (Ratoath) beat Emmett Cullen (Glasnevin) 3-0
81kg Patrick Burke (Ballinrobe) beat David Newell (Corrib)  2-1
81kg Darren Cole (Ballincarrow) beat Gearoid Sheehan (St Michaels Dub) 3-0