#WISWeek2024 – IABA launches Youth Leadership Programme.

As part of Women in Sport Week, IABA’s Women in Sport Lead, Sophie Doolan, is opening applications to the association’s first ever Youth Leadership programme, available in this first phase to girls and young women aged 16+:

The programme aims to enable young people to become leaders in their own communities and clubs; to empower young people to make a positive difference in their own lives through the practice of effective leadership and coaching skills and to introduce the importance of good role models the impact coaches have on young people.


The programme comprises 6 modules which are designed to motivate and equip young people to:

  • Identify their personal strengths.
  • Explain what makes a good sport coach.
  • Demonstrate and explain the technical fundamentals of the sport of boxing.
  • Design and deliver a boxing programme for personal and group use.
  • Understand the role positive mental health play in sports.
  • Learn how to support and build an inclusive learning environment and keep other young people safe in a sports club environment.
  • Gain Sports Ireland accredited ‘Safeguarding 1’ Certification
  • Identify roles within a competitive boxing environment.
  • Identify goals and visions for the future and make action plans to achieve these.

Course Outline

Module 1-3: Coaching fundamentals: (2hrs theory/ 1 hr practical)

Module 4: Safeguarding (online) (1-1.15 hr)

Module 5: The competition environment (1hr)

Module 6: Benefits of Boxings as a participant and Youth Leader (1hr)

To express your interest, please complete this form.

For more information, contact IABA WIS Lead, Sophie Doolan; sophie@iaba.ie