IABA statement on IOC Executive Board recommendation on IBA.

The Irish Athletic Boxing Association notes today’s decision recommendation from the IOC Executive Board to IOC Session to withdraw recognition of the International Boxing Association.

This arises from the IBA’s failure to implement a range of reforms commissioned by the International Olympic Committee in 2019, following the suspension of the boxing world governing body’s recognition.

 The Irish Athletic Boxing Association took the decision not to contest either IBA world championships this year over similar concerns on the IBA’s activities and practices.

It is vital that boxing remains on the Olympic programme, post Paris, given that our sport is Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport. At present, the activities and practices of the IBA give little confidence of resolution of the governance issues which prompted questions over boxing at Olympic Games after 2024.

IABA acknowledges the establishment of World Boxing as an international federation, and its potential for consideration as an alternative partner for the IOC in retaining boxing as an Olympic sport.

IABA is not a member of World Boxing and remains an IBA member. IABA clubs, of whom there are over 355, will have to opportunity to consider alternative partnerships at the association’s AGM in October. All successfully affiliated clubs will have an entitlement to vote at that meeting.

IABA clubs, units and members are reminded that they may travel to compete and train in any country, once they have obtained permission to do so through their county board, provincial unit and Central Council. Securing this permission ensures that the boxers and coaches of successfully affiliated clubs are insured to participate in the relevant event.