Reminder: Affiliation fees for the 2023/2024 season are due by June 9th.

Affiliation for the 2023/2024 season is now open.  Clubs are reminded that they must be affiliated in order to vote in national elections (Rule 6.11). Affiliation fees are due by June 9th.


The total cost of affiliation is €850 per club; however, IABA is in a position to co-fund the fees of every club which is re-affiliating this season. The co-funding amount, through Sport Ireland Covid Resilience Funding, is 42% of the total. This IABA co-funding reduces the cost for each club to €495.

In the 2022/2023 season, IABA funded affiliation fees for re-affiliating clubs. In the 2021/2022 season, IABA co-funded affiliation fees, and re-affiliating clubs paid €250

Affiliation Fee Breakdown

  • Proportion of affiliation fee going to insurance costs: 94%
  • Insurance cover, including travel insurance and public liability cover: €800
  • County Board fee: €5
  • Provincial Council fee: €5
  • Central Council fee: €40

Sub-total: €850

Discount: €355

TOTAL: €495

Every year, we endeavour to ensure the best possible deal for our members. As part of membership of the Irish Athletic Boxing Association, affiliated clubs automatically receive the benefit of the association’s comprehensive insurance package, including Public Liability and Travel.  This cover applies solely to activities controlled, sponsored, recognised and/or authorised by IABA (e.g.  training of boxers, permitted shows). It is not a substitute for club’s own insurance arrangements.

Fees due:

Friday, June 9th. Fees must be paid, in full, through your club’s Blocworx portal.

In completing affiliation for the 2023/2024 season, clubs must review:

Main contact email:

This is the email address that IABA uses to send correspondence to your club. Please check that:

  1. This is the email address your club wants to use to receive all of its correspondence
  2. If the club is using the personal email address of a club member, please ensure this person consents to the inclusion of their email address as the club’s main contact email

IABA strongly advises that clubs set up a club email address, so that, in the event that officers change, all club information is stored in the same place, and not spread across several email accounts in the event that officers change within your club.

Secretary’s Address

Please review and up-date your secretary’s home address. This is the address to which any and all postal ballots will be sent.  Please ensure that a relevant Eircode or Postcode is included


All boxers, whether they are competitive or not, must be included in your Blocworx portal so that they are insured. If you haven’t already done so, please now review the details of every boxer in your club in your portal, and add any boxers in your club who are not present.

Coaches and R&Js

A significant number of club members have qualified as coaches, Judges and Referees over the last few months. Please make sure that all of your club’s new coaches are included in the coaching section of your affiliation portal, and that any members who have qualified as Judges or Referees are named in the relevant section of your portal, including their qualification.


If your officers (President/Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Child Protection Officer) have changed, or changed elected roles within your club since your last affiliation, please up-date those records in Blocworx. Note: No one person in a club can hold two elected offices – for example, the Secretary cannot also be the President/Chair, Treasurer or Child Protection Officer. However, an officer can hold an elected role and act as a coach or other form of volunteer, for example.

Affiliation timeline:

Your affiliation goes through several steps before it is approved. Once your club has completed the review and up-date of affiliation information, then:

  1. Your county board has a two week period from the time your club submits its application to review that application; this will not begin until June 7th
  2. Your provincial unit has a two week from the time your county board has completed its review to, in turn, review your application; this won’t begin until June 21st
  3. Your application will be reviewed by National Stadium staff
  4. If all is in order, affiliation will be approved.


The portal is here

Usernames and passwords issued to clubs for this season’s affiliation process have not changed. IABA will re-issue username and log-in details to clubs today.

Here’s a tutorial on how to complete your affiliation:

Here’s a tutorial on how to add members:

If you have any questions or require any assistance in preparing for your 2023/2024 affiliation, please contact any member of staff.