IABA Statement – World Boxing.

IABA, as the governing body of Ireland’s most successful Olympic sport, and as a proud member of the Common Cause Alliance, notes the establishment today of World Boxing, and the principles for which it stands:

❖ World Boxing will keep boxing at the heart of the Olympic movement
❖ World Boxing will ensure the interests of boxers are put first
❖ World Boxing will deliver sporting integrity and fair competitions
❖ World Boxing will create a competition structure designed in the best interests of the boxers
❖ World Boxing will operate according to the strongest governance standards and transparent financial management

IABA shares these principles and Interim Chair, Tom Geraghty, says “In February, the IABA Board of Directors and Central Council took the decision not to contest the IBA Women’s World Championships or the IBA Men’s World Championships, as the IBA’s practices and activities are not of the standard required to secure our sport’s future. Since that time, the IBA has not engaged in meaningful governance reform or implemented the recommendations of its own experts on fiscal responsibility, fair play, and inclusion.”

President, Gerry O’Mahony, says “The Irish Athletic Boxing Association remains committed to its view that all members deserve a level playing field in tournaments run to the highest possible standard by an organization which has their welfare, their futures, and their sport at its heart. All IABA boxers deserve the Olympic dream, and deserve to hold the hope and potential for climbing atop that podium. That can only continue to be possible for today’s Boy and Girl 1s, boxing their first ever national championships this week, with a global governing body which places the Olympic movement at its core”

Interim CEO, John Nangle, says “We advised our members in recent months that decisions lie ahead – those decisions will be in the hands of our over 350 clubs, and will guide how Irish boxing develops at home, and on which international stage IABA boxers take to the ring.”