Irish Boxing Says Yes To Unity.

Irish Boxing has voted to be a truly all island sport – unanimously passing a motion on holding AGM and EGM anywhere on the island of Ireland

Today’s EGM was called just four weeks after an Extraordinary General Meeting on July 10th, at which club delegates voted against the same motion by 68 votes to 35 – the motion required 75% of the votes cast in order to pass.

The decision by 80 club delegates to vote in favour of the motion, with none opposing, will go some way towards bridging the gulf which emerged between clubs in the wake of the July meeting.

CEO Fergal Carruth says “The result is very much to be welcomed,  and it is the right decision in all respects. It must be acknowledged, however, that the July 10th vote created a deep sense of disquiet and distress. This will take some time to heal – a process which can begin this evening.”

Chairperson, Ciaran Kirwan says “This decision by Ireland’s boxing clubs ensures a unified way forward is possible and achievable. This decision shows the unity at the heart of Irish Boxing, and the Boxing Family’s ability to be progressive and forward-thinking”