The website (Strefa) Amateur Boxing Results has evolved over the years into becoming amateur boxing’s equivalent of Boxrec, the first port of call for professional boxing.

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Olympic, World, Continental and National results are collected from the four corners of the earth, making Amateur Boxing Results a unique and a crucial asset to our sport.

The archived results distinguish the site, according to its founder Janusz Majcher of Poland.

A small army of scribes – including a few “keyboard tappers”  from Ireland – supply him with results.

Hungary-born Tibor Kincses of AIBA, a one-man global content supplier, also provides an equally invaluable international service.

From the Arabian Peninsula to the Treaty Stone in Limerick, by way of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, if there’s an international boxing tournament underway, Tibor Kincses will source live draws and results, file them and put same on the record.

Janusz Majcher, meantime, reports that Amateur Boxing Results is still evolving.

“I’m only a boxing fan with statistical verve, he said modestly.

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“When I started, I wanted to place in one site as much results of amateur boxing. This is non-profit project, of course.

“With the help of many people (who send me results) this website is still growing. Priority is given to the current results, but archived results are what distinguishes this page.

“Every free moment I use for this website and I am glad if someone finds it useful.”

Amateur boxing owes Tibor Kincses and Janusz Majcher an enormous depth of gratitude.

Both men, aided and abetted by suppliers from throughout the world, are compiling the statistical and live history of our sport on a daily basis.